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  1. keith156

    Assassin smoker in Houston

    Dward51, the cooker is pretty even. Obviously the lower racks are hotter than the top racks by a few degrees. One biscuit test and you'll have it figured out. The lowest temp I've set is 205 and that was no problem. My guess is it will hold any temp you set on the IQ120. The fire is controlled...
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  3. keith156

    Spicy and Sweet Smoked Nuts

    Guess what folks... Years later this recipe is still on rockin'. I used some kroger brand chipotle hot sauce because that's what I had in the fridge. My son was a little heavy handed with the honey. Everything else tied to the recipe. As for the clumps I broke up the clumps right out of the...
  4. Spicy and Sweet  Smoked Nuts

    Spicy and Sweet Smoked Nuts

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  7. keith156

    Assassin smoker in Houston

    I wanted to follow up on this post after a year or so... timing is of the essence :). I love the Assassin 17 and use it a lot. The capcity is great not only to cook a ton at a time but also just allowing the air to flow and having room to work. Modifications I chose to put my fire box on the...
  8. Assassin smoker in Houston

    Assassin smoker in Houston

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  15. Cuban Pork Recipe

    Cuban Pork Recipe

  16. keith156

    Cuban Pork Recipe

    I wanted to try something different prior to Thanksgiving and decided on a Cuban style pork shoulder. I followed this recipe with minor changes of course. It turned out great and I thought it would...
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  20. keith156

    Assassin smoker in Houston

    Quality is very high. Jeff walked me through his facilities and I watched his guys in action building the smokers. They are very sturdy and the metal welds are really good as well. I have no regrets on picking the assassin. These smokers are bigoer than you might think. The 17 can do up to 9...