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  1. jeepdiver

    Your Favorite Pellets?

    I usually use Louisiana brand. Several places locally carry them, and all varieties produce good smoke. Price is a little high at $35/40lbs, but still less than a $1.00/lb so I don't complain too much.
  2. jeepdiver

    First smoke on PB Vertical pellet

    Pellet selection does matter. I've had some (forget the brand, it was when I first started) that produced almost no smoke flavor. The Grill can make a difference as well. On my PG500 I can get smoke at almost any temp, up to 450 or so, by adjusting the LHT/HHT settings. The difference is the...
  3. jeepdiver

    Still trying to decide on what to buy

    IMHO best combo on the market is the Fast Eddy/Cooks hack PG500 or 1000 or the Englander Pellets grill which was also designed by Fast Eddy. I grill more than I smoke, and would still buy it just for the grilling capabilities, or just the smoker but get a double win with both
  4. jeepdiver


    I am guessing you have the drip pan right over the heat. Put some water in the pan. You are probably burning the drippings as they first start running the rest. Use to have the same problem on my vertical gas smoker. The dry but I would guess is either cooking to high of a temp or going to...
  5. jeepdiver

    Gameday Shoulder

    Nope smoked on the rack the entire time, no wrapping. Use to use a pan, but started getting lazy and most of the drippings were fat. The last pic has a bit of JJ's finishing sauce, for flavor but plenty juicy without it.
  6. jeepdiver

    Gameday Shoulder

    Who says a pellet grill won't make a smoke ring or moist food.
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  10. jeepdiver

    Gameday Shoulder

    Thanks, it ended up with great flavor and very moist
  11. jeepdiver

    Gameday Shoulder

    Off the smoker and resting up.
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  14. jeepdiver

    Green Mountain Grill pricing

    Not sure about GMG specifically but a lot of local dealers will through in setup and delivery and a few bags of pellets to make it a better deal. That is what I did for my PG500 a few years ago. They not only put it on my deck but took my old gasser off, saving me the trouble of finding a...
  15. jeepdiver

    Pellet smoker question

    Pellets aren't "that" expensive. I get 40# page from the local ACE for 35, and usually have a $10 discount on a 50 purchase so can get 80 lbs for 60. It depends on the unit how many you will burn through. I will probably use 8 or so pounds on my butt today. I could do a bulk buy and save a...
  16. jeepdiver

    Gameday Shoulder

    12 hours in. Stalled at 158
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  18. Gameday Shoulder

    Gameday Shoulder

  19. jeepdiver

    Gameday Shoulder

    First weekend of College Football calls for low and slow. Put the shoulder on at 2:00 am shooting for a 5:30 Southern Miss kickoff. Rubbed up yesterday afternoon. Loaded the PG500 with apple at 2:00 am. 6:45 looking good
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