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  1. southernsausage

    An odd pizza I make

    Sounds Good to Me!
  2. southernsausage

    Cured Belly Bacon Color Question

    Hey Martin- my bacon turned out to be MONEY!!! ill send pics...
  3. southernsausage

    What Next?

    Ive been cold-smoking my first-ever slab of homemade bacon today...what do i do next? slice and vacuum pack immediately? wrap in saran and mellow in fridge for a few days? zip lock for a few days before slicing? Thanks...Riley
  4. southernsausage


    got some curing now and another batch going on to cure tonight...
  5. southernsausage


    Thanks Dave...I'll go with the AMNPS since it burns both types and the pellets are more economical per pound when compared to the dust...Bout to get it ordered...Picked up about 20 lbs of pork bellies this morning and have some of it curing. Looking forward to using this little smoking...
  6. southernsausage

    Well,,,, He is COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!

    Thank him for his Duty and Service...
  7. southernsausage


    Calling all AMNPS and AMNS user's...Which one of these two units is the cheapest to operate as far as dust or pellet consumption is concerned.???
  8. southernsausage

    55 Gallon Reverse Flow Build with pics

    looking good!
  9. southernsausage

    Pork Dry-RUB

    I'd like it to be not over the top with salt OR sugar(modest amounts)... Tangy, vinegary(is that a word) is what I like in a dry rub sometimes...There's one called Willingham's and it must have vinegar powder in it if there is such a thing..?? I love it...Just do not know how to duplicate it or...
  10. southernsausage

    Pork Dry-RUB

    What are the best spices for a dry rub for Pork Butts and Shoulders...???
  11. southernsausage

    Jambalaya for lunch...

    spred the love cecil...i need a good jamba recipe!
  12. southernsausage

    BBQ Videos...Worth watching

    I cant wait to watch these tomorrow night...
  13. southernsausage

    Just signed up

  14. southernsausage

    10 lbs of Choice Sirloin Tip!

    looking good!!!
  15. southernsausage

    Pops Bacon on a Stick

  16. southernsausage

    Why I almost never eat out.....

  17. southernsausage

    Help identifying a pepper

    That really is a healthy looking plant!!!
  18. southernsausage

    Help identifying a pepper

    Icwish I could bite into one! I took the easy route this year and encouraged my brother to do the garden at his house and he order several nice chile plants from our favorite pepper nursrey! ... I get to enjoy the harvest withoyt the daily grind of maintaining...I am responsible however for...
  19. southernsausage

    Why I almost never eat out.....

    Definitely makes you want to dine More Often at Home!!!....I would bet grody and unsanitary stuff happens more often than one thinks...
  20. southernsausage


    Hello...Welcome!!! Great place to further your knowledge of the culinary art of smoking!!!