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  1. scout110

    WTB yoder 640

    Looking for a used yoder 640 in the st louis area.
  2. scout110

    Looking for a yoder

    I'm interested in the Yoder 640. Where are you located at?
  3. scout110

    1940 General Motors Build

    That looks amazing! Where did you get your exhaust stack and what kind of heating element are you using? That is a great idea with the drip pan to prevent the condensation from dripping. Great build!
  4. scout110

    another first fridge build

    Any idea where an exhaust flange like that could be purchased? Love that idea.
  5. scout110

    New smoker needs element help!

    I am new to this forum and I was seeking some information to complete my freezer smoker. I have all the shelving installed and my pid controller from aubernon the way. I was looking for any tips on what to use for a heating element and also some ideas on a smoke stack. Thanks!