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  1. 74sharps


    I agree with your like 100%. One of the things that gets a cross eyed look every now and then is my fondness for cheese topped with grape jelly or honey. Good stuff as far as I'm concerned. Also like hot beef franks with cottage cheese and cold saurkraut. To each his own....
  2. 74sharps

    First smoke with AMZNPS 12" tube

    Received my 12" tube from Todd today. I'm definately another satisfied and very impressed customer. I used Todd's blend (hickory, cherry, maple) to smoke some havarti cheese this evening. The smoke was outstanding, no problems lighting or smoking. I used this in a 30" MES though and found...
  3. 74sharps

    Vermont Castings 36" Signature Series

    Well, I stopped by the local propane dealer today to pay off a bill. As I was leaving I noticed a smoker on close out. They had a Vermont Castings 3624 Signature for 399, originally marked at 625. That thing seems solid, double walled, stainless, two lower and one top vent. Thought about it...
  4. 74sharps

    Need a recipe App

    +1 for Paprika. Simple and useful. I have Apple though, not sure about Android.
  5. 74sharps

    Noob from the Central Coast of California

    Hi all, As far as background goes, I worked for a BBQ caterer through college for extra funny money. Have been grilling ever since (30+ years). Almost mandatory in this area being close to the origins of the Santa Maria Style BBQ. Started smoking a few years ago with a gas smoker my father...
  6. 74sharps

    Boneless Leg O' Lamb

    Having grown up with both sheep and an apple orchard, in my opinion applewood and lamb go together like peanut butter and jelly. My son is not a fan of lamb, but the first time grilled with apple he couldn't tell right off what it was. Good stuff.