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  1. bbde

    Is this unit suitable for a smoker??

    That'll be a great smoker cabinet, almost identical to mine. I'm guessing you could remove that electrical stuff in the bottom pretty easily if you wanted to use a different burner smoke setup.
  2. bbde

    WearEver Proofer smoker build

    Yes indeed - I found that over 250-275, the pellets do burn up really fast. Thanks for the tip, I did add the mailbox mod, but still feel like I need more airflow to keep the pellets burning. Sometimes it's great, other times it goes out pretty frequently.
  3. bbde

    WearEver Proofer smoker build

    It's holding up great. I can hold temps pretty well - but I usually work around nice weather when it's un-insulated. Being a giant heatsink helps when cold smoking. I did insulate it for some time with some reflectix (bubble wrap) and that kept temperatures more even, and used a lot less...
  4. bbde

    WearEver Proofer smoker build

    The smoker works great - I use the amps for cold-smoking large quantities. The hole I put in the bottom doesn't seem to provide enough air-flow for the burner, so I get a lot of soot. Picked up an old wood-stove and piped it into the back, so I use the heat from the burner, and smoke from the...
  5. bbde

    Southern Pride Electric Smoker

    I'm considering selling a very lightly used (like new) S-200 Southern Pride smoker. It's sitting on a nice stainless roller cart with sheet-pan slots underneath. Location: San Francisco Bay Area. Price: ?? Please PM me if you're interested in making an offer. Shipping: is an option, but...
  6. bbde

    WearEver Proofer smoker build

    Thank you to all for great feedback and generosity with sharing your knowledge - it has been a great help!  - Progress update - Re: suggestions with the amps - I had already purchased the 5x8 version - so I'll play with that for now, and maybe get one of the tubes in the future depending on...
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  16. bbde

    Hello from Livermore, CA!

    I'm also in the SF Bay area, and work as a concept artist in videogames.  Welcome to the site.
  17. bbde

    Some Help needed from old baking rack to smoker (Intake and Exhaust)

    I'm building / modifying something that's nearly identical to yours.  I'm going to have a griddle and the amps in there as well.  Feel free to ping me for questions.  I'm learning as well with this stuff, but it'll be fun to figure on it. Some people have placed the amps in a mailbox or similar...
  18. bbde

    WearEver Proofer smoker build

    Hey guys, So I picked up a couple parts, and sketched up some configurations.  Been weighing the options, and reading around the forums here and there.  I've been really busy lately, so haven't made much progress yet.  Plus the box is stashed at a buddy's house so I can just show up with it...
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