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  1. Sven Svensson

    Pop’s Dried Beef Question

    Thanks for the info @indaswamp. I just wasn’t sure if Splenda was a curing agent I’ve never heard of. This makes sense.
  2. Sven Svensson

    Pop’s Dried Beef Question

    I also wondered about the carbs but this calls for brown sugar which confused me. I also thought it might be a diabetic restriction, nope. Hmmmmmm.
  3. Sven Svensson

    Picanhapalooza: Two Great Meals (Pics)

    I get most of my great meal ideas from you, Robert. Someday, someone here is gunna catch on to me.
  4. Sven Svensson

    Pop’s Dried Beef Question

    I’m checking out this thread and wondering why Pops used 1/2 cup of Splenda? Is that a necessary element for the cure? I can’t stand that stuff. Can I use white sugar instead?
  5. Sven Svensson

    Finally done!

    Looks great. That’s a lot of hard work. Can’t wait to see it in action.
  6. Sven Svensson

    Hola from Ontario, Canada, EH.

    We have plenty of rabbit holes on this forum. Welcome, from California.
  7. Sven Svensson

    Pork ribeye roast on the rotisserie

    Very impressive. That’s 3 hours well spent. And tell Judy that sourdough looks incredible.
  8. Sven Svensson

    A Couple One Pan Brunch Plates

    Looks way better than the oatmeal I had this morning. Nice work.
  9. Sven Svensson

    Sweet Bourbon Jerky

    Great to hear you could taste the bourbon. I’m not very successful with that. I’ll have to give your recipe a go next time around.
  10. Sven Svensson

    cheri's from Arkansas

    Welcome, from California.
  11. Sven Svensson

    Hello from Kansas City

    And here’s a second welcome to you from the Bay Area in California.
  12. Sven Svensson

    Happy Birthday Brian and Robert!

    The happiest of birthdays to you both!
  13. Sven Svensson

    Traeger Gourmet Pellet issues Any one else???

    I use Knotty Wood all the time. I never have any issues with them but I use them in a Yoder. The plum give you amazing color. The almond gives me a better flavor than oak. I usually mix the two. I’ll often mix Lumberjack cherry with plum which makes the color of any pork product look like photoshop.
  14. Sven Svensson

    R.I.P. Bearcarver (John)

    Search after search led me back to this site and more times than not, to seasoned and tested advice from John. He has left us quite the legacy in things that go beyond this forum. My condolences to his family and close friends. Peace be to his memory.
  15. Sven Svensson

    Texas Pepper Smoked Sirloin Roast - Reverse Engineered

    My mouth is watering. That looks so crazy good. I love the method. I’m bookmarking this. Thanks.
  16. Sven Svensson

    Long heated hold for pork butts?

    I put shoulder butts in a cooler with a towel overnight all the time. Usually it’s in a foil tray covered with foil. I let it cool about 20 minutes before the cooler treatment. It’s always the perfect temp for pulling in the morning. I find if I pull it too soon the meat is much drier than if I...
  17. Sven Svensson

    Roast Beef, pic heavy

    I stared at those pictures way too long. If there’s a French dip on the menu I’ll instantly order it. If there’s a French dip and a Reuben I beg my wife to order one and we split it.
  18. Sven Svensson

    Pizza play time.

    I’m not ashamed to admit I use Raley’s pizza dough or raw dough bought from local pizza joints. It’s just so darned easy. Your pizzas look fantastic. On another note, follow the post op instructions closely and you’ll have no issues. Yeah, you get bored but it’s better than an infection or...
  19. Sven Svensson

    Chinese balloon......

    So now it’s been revealed that these Chinese balloon flyovers happened at least 3 times during the previous administration. Haha! Of course it did. And none of those were shot down. But that never made the news back then. This is just comical.
  20. Sven Svensson

    Pronghorn Lo Mein

    That’s another first for me. Pronghorn lo mein. Creative and impressive.