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  1. mopardog

    Winter Jerky

    Thanks so much for this recipe, it is the best!
  2. mopardog

    my first cure...back bacon

    this is a link to the album that has a full description of the process. I learned every thing off this site so thank you ever one!
  3. mopardog

    Pork Shoulder, Fail?

    Finishing in the oven is not a failure, I have done so many pork buts that I have it down to an 8 hr process every time. 4 hrs on the smoke at 250, then into a pan covered with plastic wrap and 2 layers of heavy duty foil in the oven or smoker until 195-200 internal temp, depending on...
  4. mopardog

    Beef short ribs for the wife, along side my pork ribs

    Thanks people, I'm new here and still feeling my way around, not very computer savvy. I really love this site though, SMOKE MEAT!!!!
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    gregs phone 519.jpg

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    gregs phone 322.jpg

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  10. sweet meat

    sweet meat

    some of my pork adventures
  11. mopardog

    Beef short ribs for the wife, along side my pork ribs

    Smoked these on my Weber kettle on sat. My wife loves beef short ribs,and these turned out perfect. Salt and pepper rub with sauce at the end (her idea) cooked to a tender 190 degrees, smoked with applewood.
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  14. mopardog

    First chuck roast

    I start checking it for tenderness at 190. Just put a fork in it and when it is done, it will shred with 0 effort. Every piece of meat is different, and will be done at different temps. Hope this helps, beef good. Pulled beef chuck is my wife's favorite behind smoked short ribs. Hope it turns...
  15. mopardog

    Hello from sunny Florida

    This place has more info and recipes than any other bbq site I have found, the people are great too. I have a whole packer brisket on my weber kettle. Good luck using the minion method, it's a good method. Smoke on!
  16. mopardog

    New to SMF

    Thanks, this site is truly amazing and very large. I love the recipes, but I really love all the smoker builds. I would like to build a small reverse flow backyard smoker out of an old propane tank I got but didn't know how. This site has the formula and all the answers, I love it. Thanks...
  17. mopardog

    New to SMF

    Hello, I am from IL across the river from STL, MO. I have been smoking meat for about ten years. I have had 2 Charbroil offset smokers that were leaky fuel hogs, but used mods and turned out some great food...eventually. The first time I tried smoking meat, I had no clue, it was chicken breast...