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  1. Burgi57Chevy

    My new stuffer.

    Morning, Looks good!!! Can you PM me the brand and where you got it please :)
  2. Burgi57Chevy

    TriTip for dinner!

    Hi all!!!!!! Happy Friday!!! I did a TriTip for dinner. Used McCormick Chipotle & Roasted Garlic Grill Mates. Put on Smitty (GMG Boone) at 230 till IT hit 135. Used my new @Inkbirdbbq Smart Wireless IBT-4CS Thermometer.... what an amazing and essential piece of BBq equipment!!! Super easy to...
  3. Burgi57Chevy

    Small Butt Time

    Looking forward to see and hear the results!!!!!
  4. Burgi57Chevy

    GMG Heat Fluctuations

    Hi there, I got the Boone WiFi end of April. I was experiencing the same issue and worked with the customer service (they were AMAZING!!!!). They had me download the "Prototype" version software and I haven't had any issues since. I would definitely email them so that you do have a record of...
  5. Burgi57Chevy

    MAIL CALL!!!!!!!!!

    look what I just got!!!! Super excited and will be using it this coming weekend!!!!!!! Thanks again @Inkbirdbbq !!!!
  6. Burgi57Chevy

    roll call on brands of pellet grill

    Hi there :emoji_wave:, I have a GMG Boone, got it the end of April and love it. Looking at getting a second already lol......
  7. Burgi57Chevy

    Baby Back — Oven Finish

    They look AMAZING!!!!!!!
  8. Burgi57Chevy

    Boston butt money muscle

    I'll have to give it a go!
  9. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    Hi there!!!! Good to know on the prob location. Also what a great visual on the trimming! I will indefinably use that.
  10. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    Ok..... here goes.... my 1st of many to come!!!!! I learned a few things.. 1- Do t be afraid to remove fat, left it too thick on parts. 2- when probing for tenderness, don’t force it tender in your head. 3- Don’t over think it. 4- When moving from the wrap to the cutting board.... have a...
  11. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    Ok....... after 12 hrs and 40 mins..... temp hit 199 and when I proved it..... it felt tender and like butter... so I pulled it left it in the paper wrapper and wrapped in foil and put to bed in the cooler.... planning on 2 hrs...... I’m a bit nervous..... see how it goes... The above is...
  12. Burgi57Chevy


    That looks super good!!! And all that yummy in the fridge!!!! Looking forward for future updates!!!!!
  13. Burgi57Chevy

    Sponsored Giveaway for Inkbird 150 feet Bluetooth signal barbecue thermometer IBT-4XS with 4 Probes

    Thanks!!!!! And ......Ohhhhhh Yeahhhh..... gonna get lots of use on this bad-boy!!!!!
  14. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    Good morning!!!! Ok Briskets on. Sooooo now....... I wait.
  15. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    Good morning!!! Getting Smitty (GMG) up to temp now......
  16. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    Using a mix of Oak, Pecan and fruit wood. (2:2:1).
  17. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    Thanks!!!! Going the salt & pepper route. Funny thing is.... I need to do another one for a poker game next weekend..... lol.
  18. Burgi57Chevy

    As the Brisket turns....

    And here we go!!!! Got a 12.22 lb packer, cost $3.37 lb for total $41.18. Got it at a local restaurant supply store. I trimmed it tonight, was more nervous as I cut the bag open. You can see I scalped a few spots. But I figure gotta start somewhere. It’s going on Smitty at 0400 tomorrow...
  19. Burgi57Chevy

    Pesto and cheese stuffed pork chops

    Was determined to grill or smoke something for dinner tonight, been raining pretty good the few days and was haveig withdrawals.... So I had some homemade pesto from a buddy took that, Swiss and provolone cheese and stuffed some pork chops!!!! Dinner served! Burgi
  20. Burgi57Chevy

    My traeger/Oklahoma Joe pellet burner!

    Oh dang! very cool idea...... keep the posts coming!!!!!