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  1. mark g

    Calling all fishing enthusiasts

    i'd like to know of one too, i love fishin but the only thing i ever catch is a solid buzz! MARK G
  2. mark g

    New Logo in Progress

    i want a sticker for my snowboard!
  3. mark g

    Is there such a thing as 'Mild' Jalapenos?

    as far as i know, it does primarily have to do with getting not just the seeds, but -all- the white membrane out. if you just use a spoon you might not get it all. if you cut in a little with a knife, it gets most of the hot out. my last batch had some very spicy and some not very spicy, i think...
  4. mark g

    Alton Brown did a great show last night...

    i tried making one of those like he did in the show. i think in the show he was outside in the summer. well i tried last fall (up here in vail, brr) and it just wouldn't get hot enough. i probably didn't have a burner that was high enough wattage, but it was hard enough just finding that one...
  5. mark g

    Smoke ring vs. smoke penetration

    thanks, i'll try the method of using mesquite first, then switching to something sweeter, sounds good. also i noticed that some of my wood chips got what looks like mold on them. (i thought they'd be ok just sitting out, we have 20-40% humidity year round) is it safe to use still, or will it...
  6. mark g

    Smoke ring vs. smoke penetration

    propane GOSM. the main meat i noticed that didn't have much of a smoke ring was the fatty. the pulled pork and ribs were fantastic, but could have used a little more smoke. you could definitely taste the cherry smoke, but it didn't have that smoky kick like mesquite. should i use mostly fruit...
  7. mark g

    Smoke ring vs. smoke penetration

    what was the result of smoking it the entire time, and what type of wood won't get overpowering by doing so? when i first started out, i would over-smoke with too much hickory/mesquite. i've since backed off (smoking only up to 140º, using more fruit wood) and now would like more smoke flavor...
  8. mark g

    Adding Probes to the GOSM

    i did see the other posts about running the probe through the top, i was just thinking more about what to attach the probe to INSIDE the smoker, if i'm only going to be using 1 probe for the meat. a little clip of some kind? is using metal-to-metal-to-probe dangerous? the potato idea is good...
  9. mark g

    Adding Probes to the GOSM

    i am interested in adding more temperature probes to my GOSM. there are two reasons: the first is that the thermometer on the door seems very inaccurate (to the point of me not really wanting to rely on it) and also i lost the little washers that hold it in the door (power washer blew 'em away)...
  10. mark g

    late pork butt

    here's tonight's dinner... had temperature problems, all 3 of my thermometers broke. the door thermometer on my gosm was way off, or at least way different from my probe stuck into thin air, which ran out of batteries, and then the third got stepped on. i couldn't keep the temperature...
  11. mark g

    Routing thermometer into smoker

    and a plastic 50-cd spindle lid over the transmitter on top of the wood in case of hail like today! having serious temp issues currently. i got 4 racks of ribs in, and 2 sheets of ABT 's. the thermometer in the door of the gosm reads over 100º hotter than my probe which is sticking through the...
  12. mark g

    Jimmy Dean "fatty" clone recipes

    msg is a flavor enhancer to enhance specifically enhance "meat flavor". it makes meats taste "more meaty" (hamburgers, steak, etc). it is added to veggies because who wouldn't want their veggies to taste a little more like meat? it really isn't "bad" for you, unless you're allergic to it, but it...
  13. mark g

    hollerin from vail, colorado

    hey everyone. newly registered, but not new to the site. in fact, i can give this site credit for just about everything i know about smoking! i have a propane GOSM (wally world clearance - $50) and so far i've tried brisket, couple pork butts, turkey, goose, and fish. oh and of course a few...