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  1. Dunstablegrizzly

    Thinking of getting an electric smoker

    So I have had an offset smoker which I sold due to lack of use. Use my WSM and kettle for the majority of my smoking. Just kind of got tired doing long smokes in my offset and feeding splits every 30 to 45 minutes. Anyways that was about 6 years ago I let my offset go. So I’ve been thinking a...
  2. Dunstablegrizzly

    Qiuck question ?

    Dont get caught up with maintaining a specific temperature range. Pork shoulder(butts) have a lot of intramuscular fat and connective tissue so it can be very forgiving. 225 to 325 is fine. Low temps take longer and high temps take shorter to cook. No difference in texture or flavor. Also...
  3. Dunstablegrizzly

    10lb Brisket done in 4 hours?

    What was the thickest section? You can have a 10 pound brisket but if it's thin, let's say its long, then it really won't take long. Sort of how a spatchcock poultry cooks faster than if left whole. I did a 18 pound brisket thats was about 23 long! It took 9 hours to cook. I placed it into a...
  4. Dunstablegrizzly

    Turkey: To Spatchcock or not?

    I cut mine completely in half and will cook that way. I have about a 12 pounder. Thinking it should take about 2 hours at 350? Any thoughts on the time as I want to have it ready by 3pm.
  5. Dunstablegrizzly

    Forst UDS Brisket

    Here is my UDS
  6. Dunstablegrizzly

    Forst UDS Brisket

    Thanks! That by far is the best smoke ring I have ever achieved. That suckered was 1/4! I'm still amazed it only took about 9 hours though. This was a first for not using a heat deflector of sorts like my WSM. Oh and my basket held a full 15 pound bag of royal natural briquettes. It only...
  7. Dunstablegrizzly

    Forst UDS Brisket

    So I have had a UDS i built some time ago just sitting around for about a year and never used it vecuase I needed to finish a basket. As always things come up and I put the build on the back burner until I completely forget about it. So this weekend I was in Home Depot and saw some expanded...
  8. Dunstablegrizzly

    Rusty Grates - How to Repair?

    The best solution to try is mixing water and toilet bowl cleaner, the one that has acid, and soaking them in there. The acid reacts with the rust, consuming it, and will remove all traces of rust. Now the craters will stay as it only reacts with the rust. Make sure you oil them up after rinsing...
  9. Dunstablegrizzly

    Another Small Butt For Kettle

    Hey is that two weber baskets fuzzed together?
  10. Dunstablegrizzly

    WSM 18 vs 22”

    I have the 18 wsm and have not had an issue. I've done a 15 pound brisket on the top rack. Yeah I had to shoe horn it but hey the brisket shrinks about 50 percent anyways so it was never an issue. I've done 6 pork butts at once. Yes ribs don't fit but I cut them in half and have done 5 racks in...
  11. Dunstablegrizzly

    Spritzing Necessary?

    Ok it's been a while since I started this thread and I mentioned I was going to do a brisket but work got extremely busy and I had to do a lot of work on the house so I didnt get the chance to do the brisket. But since its memorial day weekend and I took tuesday off becuase it's my daughters 18...
  12. Dunstablegrizzly

    Sunday Brisket

    Wow awesome smoke ring!!! Putting my brisket on in a few hours so it can be ready for tomorrow which is my daughters and my birthday.
  13. Dunstablegrizzly

    Baby backs and grilled chicken

    Smoked two racks of ribs and grilled some chicken too. I get never get to quite get pics of the ribs once cut because everyone just devours them lol.
  14. Dunstablegrizzly

    Inkbird IHT-1P

    I have one too. They are great!
  15. Dunstablegrizzly

    Baby Back Ribs...Attempt #2

    Awe those look so good! I was going to take a break this weekend but seeing those ribs I dont know may have to do some now
  16. Dunstablegrizzly

    New member from the deep south

    Welcome from Northern Massachusetts
  17. Dunstablegrizzly

    Mesquite Smoked Brisket

    Nice cook. I as well love mesquite and that is the wood of choice for me.
  18. Dunstablegrizzly

    Irish learning experience

    They look mighty tasty.
  19. Dunstablegrizzly

    Just some bone-in pork chops

    Wife wanted some pork chops for dinner tonight so I threw in some on the kettle. She made some potatoe salad to go with it.
  20. Dunstablegrizzly

    Overnight PP

    The chubby is perfect for me! Thinking of ordering it for my birthday next month!