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  1. webs05

    Lava Lock ATC-1 Controller

    Hey all, Just got a Lava Lock ATC-1 Controller for my Weber Smokey Mountain 18". Couldn't be happier. So far it's working great and I got the whole thing installed and setup in the time it took to fire up a chimney. One question, it's not water proof and here in the Midwest it can rain...
  2. webs05

    REVIEW: Inkbird IRF-2SA 500ft Range

    Inkbird Review: Thanks again to the friendly folks at Inkbird for the contest. Very generous. I received the product, Inkbird IRF-2SA, yesterday which was great timing because today, Sunday, I'm going to smoke some ribs. Now I don't probe ribs so this review wont get into the ins and outs of...
  3. webs05

    Giveaway for Inkbird New Released 500FT Wireless Thermometer IRF-2SA with 2 probes

    Sorry for being slow to get back to this thread, was out of town with the kids and very busy. So this was a pleasant surprise! I rarely win any contests so truly appreciate it. My neighbor has a rib cook-off competition coming so this will def get some use!!
  4. webs05

    Generating smoke

    What's wrong with cooking at 275? You can still get awesome tender bbq at that temp. It's more about pulling the meat when it probes tender than what temp you cooked it at. Another thing, you shouldn't actually see much smoke when you are smoking meat. You want a clear to blue color smoke. But...
  5. webs05

    17lb brisket tomorrow

    Many smoke full packers at 275 with no problem. Some do hot and fast at 350+ but that would probably take practice. I would do 275 and wrap when you are happy with the bark. Cook to 195 and then check for tenderness. When it probes like butter you are good to go.
  6. webs05

    Dry vs Wet Timing

    Curing some bacon. Went for an equilibrium cure and added to it maple syrup and kecap manis. I didn't go overboard with amounts, just added maybe half a cup of each to a 9lb slab of bacon. Put it in with the ingredients for the cure. 10 days in and there is a lot of liquid in the bag. Did I...
  7. webs05

    Smoking a brisket

    I thought the sell by date for vacuum packed meat was made it because it can last a long time in those bags. And no one regulates those dates, they are left up the business.
  8. webs05

    Pondering a problem--really need some help

    Anything updates? I'm curious how this is going to turn out.
  9. webs05

    Brisket and Pork Shoulder on WSM

    I have the same pit, WSM 18. Be prepared to fiddle with vents early on and a bit through the cook if you have temp swings in the weather outside. Mine takes about 1-1.5, hrs to settle in where the gray smoke dies out and the clear smoke/blue smoke comes out. If you can't wait, at least give it...
  10. webs05

    time frame for smoking butt cut in half

    The [email protected] and [email protected] are just guides. They aren't science. Butts and brisket are done when they are done. Weight is not the largest factor in cook time, but size and shape are. IE if your meat is 4" thick by 8” long and you cut it in half from long ways you now have 2 4"x4" pieces. They will...
  11. webs05

    Is it Normal for Boneless Pork Shoulder to Look Like This

    After a second rain storm I completely changed plans and put the pieces in a foil pan and covered with foil. Into the oven at 225. I kept oven temps low because my meat chunks weren't the same size. And sure enough the small ones were probe tender before the large ones by at least an hour...
  12. webs05

    Pork shoulder took forever! Why?

    Folks have written about the 1.5hrs per pound of meat. Its just a metric or guide, dont treat it as gospel. In reality the thickness of your meat matters more than weight. A thick piece of meat, almost regardless of weight, will cook faster than a thin piece. So you can cook a 3lb salmon fillet...
  13. webs05

    Is it Normal for Boneless Pork Shoulder to Look Like This

    Wow. I had no idea this was normal. I figured the intern at the butcher shop got a hold of this one and I picked up their training experiment. Great to know, thanks everyone! What I did is rub everything down shown in the last picture and put them all on the smoker. I'm going to check temp as I...
  14. webs05

    Is it Normal for Boneless Pork Shoulder to Look Like This

    My wife picked up a pork shoulder (not realizing it was boneless) from Costco and it came out like the pics show below. Is this normal for boneless? I've never done boneless before, plenty of bone-in though. So I did my best to trim the lose small pieces away and ended up with 5 pieces that...
  15. webs05

    A5 Japanese Wagyu Brisket

    I really hope you get one. Would love to live vicariously through you.
  16. webs05

    My First Brisket Cook!

    Great job on your first one. The first one is always the hardest. I would be surprised if the flat was overcooked. It's very rare that happens. I'm betting it actually needed more time even though that may seem counterintuitive. A lot of folks around here do the probe tender check at 195. And...
  17. webs05

    Dry Age Steaks?

    I've done a brisket and ribeye rack with great results! The brisket was wild. I can't explain the juice that was pouring out of it. Never seen a brisket do that. I followed Sous Vide Everything (YouTube) method with Umai Dry Age bags. Worked great and was really easy. For your first time the...
  18. webs05

    Simple question from an obvious newb

    Something like this: Note, I'm not connected to this product and not endorsing this specific one. Just giving an example of what a tube is. You load it with pellets, light it, and let it add smoke.
  19. webs05

    Weber Smokey Mountain cook tray

    I saw a YouTube video where a guy made his own cart. He used 4x4 wood that he probably screwed together. Put heavy duty small rubber tires on it and fastened a handle to move it. He then used some small brackets to fasten the WSM to the cart. Seems like you could more easily do something like...