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  1. Poppo

    For the love of god make it stop

    Think about this, Prices have to be high in order for our goverment to keep the American people paying for our President's war in Ukraine with Russia... Where else is the money coming from other than China.
  2. Poppo

    Hello from North Georgia

    Welcome from N.W. Georgia
  3. Poppo

    It seems we are getting a lot of shady new people joining> I just reported one that appeared to...

    It seems we are getting a lot of shady new people joining> I just reported one that appeared to be a sex site
  4. Poppo

    Blackstone Griddle - To buy or not to buy.....

    I own one I purchased at a great price. But it has only been used 2 times in a year, unless you are planning on cooking a lot all the time I am not sure they are worth it. Just my thoughts
  5. Poppo


  6. Poppo

    Hey all! What's for Christmas dinner?

    All homemade Smoked a ham, Broccoli and cheese, au gratin potato's, brown sugar, local honey glazed yams, baked beans and dinner rolls. Dessert will be homemade pecan pie. Enjoy
  7. Poppo

    Christmas Brisket

    Nice, and a perfect choice for the Holiday. Enjoy
  8. Poppo

    These Just In !!!

    LOL these are great. Thanks for sharing, they made my day
  9. Poppo

    Some Holiday Welding Projects (Lotsa Pics)

    Wow nice work. One thing about the tree is it will not dry out and will last for years.
  10. Poppo

    Picked up my new to me smoker today

    Looks well build. I like the shelf that goes around it too.
  11. Poppo

    Another Spinning Chicken

    nice looking chicken
  12. Poppo

    Smothered Grilled NY!

    Man, this makes me hungry. Color looks spot on and the mix together is right up my alley
  13. Poppo

    Costco Louisiana Grills Series 7 Pellet Vertical Smoker

    Congrats on the new smoker. Enjoy it
  14. Poppo

    Soo working holidays, who else lives the dull life?

    I worked every holiday when I worked, was in maintenance for trucking companies 50+ years, which we all know things are delivered by trucks and we all want something. But smoke when you can.
  15. Poppo

    Mitten state new guy

    Welcome to the group. The salmon looks delicious, but I am not a fish eater at this point, but could change my mind. Poppo N.W. GA
  16. Poppo

    Cheap MES mailbox mod without the mailbox

    I agree the pipe needs to be longer to clean up the smoke.
  17. Poppo


    Brisket is what the days and nights are made for.. Nice Looking but we need smellavision
  18. Poppo

    Wood Fired Grill - ribeye steaks and veggies

    Day or Night, This looks like a great meal.. Nice Job
  19. Poppo

    New guy from North Georgia

    Welcome to the Group. I live in N.W. GA Poppo N.W. GA