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    Chain Bbq restaurants.

    Sonny’s is OK, but really depends on the location. Floyd “Sonny” Tillman is the founder and he lives not too far from me (have met him). He sold the chain in the early nineties. I believe he kept a few of the local location under his control around Gainesville FL. and ran them into the early...
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    Fireboard 2 Drive?

    Have Fireboard 2 drive and love it for my Limo Jr. It controls a BBQ Guru Pit Viper fan. If I ever get a pellet cooker, it will have to be an LSG or Yoder as I wouldn’t want to use anything not using a Fireboard controller.
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    Backyard offset smoker options?

    That Blue Smoke smoker is the best value for a top grade offset currently in production imho. It would be hard to pass that up if I was in the area.
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    Cast Iron Skillet Reccomendation

    Lodge is a good buy for a new skillet. If you could locate a vintage Griswold or Wagner at a antique market or garage sale, they are better. They tend to be milled a little finer, sanded smoother, weigh less. You usually find them a with seasoning build up and not that pretty but if in decent...
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    Looks like new border lines are being re-drawn today...

    Yep. Greater Mexico being formed as we speak .
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    Hello from Idaho

    Welcome aboard. If you want something made in Idaho, check these out:
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    I’ve been on the Brethren forum for 10 years or so, but found this place maybe a year ago. Really growing to love this place, Good folks and ideas abound,
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    At An Impasse: Looking At High-End Kitchen Knives

    I love good knives. I have a block with about 15 different knifes in it. Several different length chef knives. Mostly have 4 star Henkel but have a Wustof a Shun and a few others. My recommendation to anyone looking at good knives is hold them in your hand, and see how they feel. Quality...
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    Camp Chef Disappointment

    You are getting WiFi GHZ signals mixed up with cell phone signals. WiFi is either 2.4 GHZ or 5 GHZ. This has nothing to do with your cell phone being 4G or 5G. I repeat…. this has nothing to do with your phone being 4G or 5G. First of all, you need to make sure your cell phone is...
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    Camp Chef Disappointment

    You will have the same connectivity issue with just about any pellet grill you get. It’s the router you have. Figure that out first before swapping grills.
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    (HELP) Strong Smoke Taste On Chicken Wings

    Chicken (poultry in general) absorbs more smoke flavor than other meats and is easy to over-smoke. I go light on wood, and never use mesquite. I like a fruit wood like cherry or apple for chicken. I also would recommend cooking at 300 plus degrees for chicken. Like others mentioned, don’t...
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    Deciding on new smoker

    Congratulations on your new smoker. Looking forward to reports on its usage. They are nice machines.
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    Slicer recommendations appreciated

    I have a Mercer 14” that I like a lot.
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    School me on why I need cast iron frying pans.

    My 100 plus year old Griswold is my pride and joy pan. We have a large set of Al Clad stainless and non stick that are really good and will also last forever. However, stuff like fried eggs and seared meats are just better off the Griswold, and the non stick properties of cast iron is better...
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    What is your NFL Wildcard Weekend menu?

    Big time Raider fan that lived through their heyday (yes 40 some years ago). Wings, ribs and sausage on my menu. Probably will cook enough on Saturday, (Bengals vs Raiders is on Saturday)….to last through Monday.
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    Dirty smoke on my char griller 980 after 20 trials

    I have a different style gravity feed, so take it with a grain of salt. I never shoot past my set temp. Not sure exactly why you do that. Maybe you get too big a fire going in the fire chamber and then it burns dirty on the cool down. I let my pit come up to what ever temp I plan on cooking...
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    Weber EX4 pellet grill

    Good looking cooks on this thread. Nice to see the Weber in work. Some day I will add a pellet grill back to the inventory. An EX4 is right at the top of my list.
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    What are your favorite sides to serve with smoked meats?

    Everyone that I know seems to like home made smoked Mac n cheese. Tons of recipes to try. It gets cooked often when I am smoking. Just boil some elbow noodles add grated cheeses and maybe a few other things into a disposable aluminum pan and stir, then throw on the smoker. Greens are one of...
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    A pellet smoker that actually smokes meat??

    What story am I perpetuating that isn’t true? That you need to use drip pans in the SF? That it hasn’t had issues More so than others? All true stuff. I’ve recommended people look at these, as I think they are one of the best all around grill/smoker pellets grills around for the $, but they...
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    A pellet smoker that actually smokes meat??

    I don’t know why you say that. I never hear complaints anywhere on well smoked meats from a kettle using a snake. In fact a Weber 26” kettle is one of the best all around smoker grills a person can get. On the flip side, the common complaint with most pellet cookers is they don’t put enough...