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  1. jimpomonis

    Pulled Pork Issues

    I have never seen that much of a disparity on the two sides, but I think you nailed it with the rotation miss (likely) and the fat deposit. I cook at a lower temp and deal with an extremely long cook. I also haven't found wrapping to have much of an effect. Good thing about pork...even...
  2. jimpomonis

    How to handle natural casings

    Thanks Joe - this is fantastic. Have been buying smaller batches packed in salt and have always been leery of keeping them after soaking.
  3. jimpomonis

    Glove Recommendation

    I have a pair of thick rubber gloves from Verde River Products that I use for grabbing meat off of the smoker, but am not that happy. Sound similar to the ones that @tallbm was mentioning above. The work fine, suck to clean and have started to tear. Have found cotton work gloves with nitrile...
  4. jimpomonis

    Hello From North Jersey

    Welcome - sounds like the perfect retirement!
  5. jimpomonis

    Hi, Tom from New Jersey!

    Welcome from a Minnesotan who spent 3 great years in Jersey!
  6. jimpomonis

    Joining from MN

    Hello all - came across this forum while looking for some troubleshooting tips for sausages. I've been smoking for about 12 years and spend most of my time with my Weber Smokey Mountain. Based on what I've read so far, really looking forward to learning daily and sharing what I know. Happy to...