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  1. sportgd

    #Team275 on my Masterbuilt 40!

    Nice smoke! I can't argue with the name but I will second the AMNPS... I looked at the wedgie when I got my maze but it only advertises 2 plus hours of smoke, I wanted more set it and forget it(I just had my maze go for 12 hours overnight last night!) good luck!
  2. sportgd

    Multiple brisket question

    Something to consider is how quickly the smoker can get back up to temp after you put the meat in.  I am not familiar with your smoker but I know sometimes when I pack mine full of cold meat it will take a bit to get back up there.  Good luck, I am finishing up a brisket for a baby shower right now!
  3. sportgd

    Smokin hot in AZ

    Welcome! I have a masterbuilt myself and certainly love the set it and forget it nature...I don't deal with the AZ heat up here in Buffalo but I would imagine if the heat down there held the box at let's say 150 then you'd be ok on the temp because the controller will still turn off the heating...
  4. sportgd

    Returning to the game!

    Welcome back! I have a thermoworks smoke with no complaints but there is a newer therm you can check out in the reviews that just looks amazing if you're willing to shell out the cash.  Search for some reviews on the "fireboard".  Good luck!
  5. sportgd

    June 2017 Throwdown!!! BURGER BLOWOUT!!!!

    Looks like a great one!
  6. sportgd

    Newbie smoker here

    Times vary so widely based on your temp, how often you open your smoker, moisture, outside temp, and wind... patience is key! I'd say you're probably looking 10-16 hours based on the above factors. Good luck! Happy smoking!
  7. sportgd

    Beef Short Ribs (sous chefs first short rib cook)

    Looks like that sous chef has the making of a full chef... great smoke! Point!
  8. sportgd

    Brisket & (my 1st attempt @) Burnt Ends.

    Everything looks amazing! Great job! Points!
  9. sportgd

    First brisket (overnight)

    Great job! Nice pics
  10. sportgd

    First brisket (overnight)

    I'd start checking around 195 just in case it's tender early!
  11. sportgd

    Friday night meatloaf!

    Looks great! point! What temp did you cook it at? About how long did it take?
  12. sportgd

    Under the sea - seafood tower(2)

    Thank you both!
  13. sportgd

    18lbs of pork butt for tomorrow!!

    I think you would be fine wiping and re-rubbing... good luck!
  14. sportgd

    First brisket (overnight)

    Good luck... what sticky said!  Unwrap after you push through the stall and that should help the bark. Were you checking temp on the smoker or with a probe? My MES therm isn't extremely accurate but when I get it where I want it seems to hold well.  Hope it turns out for you!
  15. sportgd

    Under the sea - seafood tower(2)

    Thanks Adam! Thanks for the point moon! My take on the cold seafood tower!  Thanks Thanks for the points! I use breadcrumbs mixed with some parm cheese and garlic powder then a thin slice of butter topped with the bacon... I don't half cook the bacon if I am broiling it! Thanks, I actually...
  16. sportgd

    Under the sea - seafood tower(2)

    Thanks Bear! I'm not sure what was happening but I finally got it... now if I only knew how to delete the others...
  17. sportgd

    Under the Sea Throwdown Winners!!!

    Congrats again to the winners! My post is up...
  18. sportgd

    Smoked Clams on the half shell,Smoked Scallops reverse seared Pic heavy ( UNDER the Sea TD )

    Looks great... I can definitely appreciate the effort it takes to shuck some clams!
  19. Under the sea - seafood tower(2)

    Under the sea - seafood tower(2)

  20. sportgd

    Under the sea - seafood tower(2)

    This was my submission to the April TD. Spread out shrimp before topping with a homemade chive cream cheese and then wrapped with half cooked bacon. One of the more time consuming parts is shucking the clams... don't have it down like my teacher did but I have gotten pretty decent.  I...