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  1. AlaskanSmoke

    MB Gravity Series Mods review

    by LSS flared lip manifold cover, with brackets to hold pan.
  2. AlaskanSmoke

    MB Gravity Series Mods review

    Thank you for the reply. When you seared the ribeyes, did you have the drip pans in under the grate? I will not only be using this as a smoker, honestly will probably be using the griddle 75% of the time. My gas grill finally died, rusted out as well as the smoker, so I was really hoping this...
  3. AlaskanSmoke

    MB Gravity Series Mods review

    Hello everyone, new member here from Alaska. I just ordered a MB800, and I have a lot of time to kill before it arrives, because of, well Alaska and my local HD does not stock this model, maybe 13 weeks the manager said... :emoji_astonished: Anyway, completely new to Charcoal smokers, I was...
  4. AlaskanSmoke

    Hello from SE Alaska

    Hey all, I'm David, from Juneau Alaska. New here, and "semi-new" to smoking, and the real world of BBQ. I was gifted an old Traeger a couple years ago, but the environment has finally taken its toll on her. So I just ordered a MB800, from some advice from some friends, and now it's just the...