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  1. triple b


    Congrats to all the new knights!
  2. triple b

    New Coleslaw Recipe

    Sounds like a good one. Copied and saved. Thanks.
  3. triple b

    Howdy from Michigan

    Welcome to the forum from a Canadian neighbour! Glad you joined us.
  4. triple b

    Smoker From Decatur, IL

    Welcome to the SMF from a Canadian neighbour eh!
  5. triple b

    Jap peppers in jars.......mild, medium, HOT

    Red Savinas are a type of Habañero. Very very hot!
  6. triple b

    GOSM for sale in Canada??????

    I bought mine here in town at Walmart last year. It was $189 Go into Walmart and check it out.
  7. triple b

    Beef Ribs!

    Looks good! Got me hungerin' for some Q! We're gettin' snow again today! Yuck!
  8. triple b

    Post Picture of Smoker and its Brand/type here

    How about "True to the Thin Blue" ?
  9. triple b

    Today's Brisket

    Looks lip smackin' good!!!
  10. triple b

    Happy Birthday Vlap!

    Happy Birthday Vlap!!!
  11. triple b

    The Start of the New Smoker Build-Pictures

    Awsome wheels!!! And I love the name too!! Maybe in brackets underneath put "Now I'm Smokin'!" Can hardly wait for the next round of pics!
  12. triple b

    Fixed up ecb!

    I agree! Makes life a whole lot easier!
  13. triple b

    Super Bowl brisket w/ q-view

    Nice job! Excellent price and smoke ring to boot! Got me droolin'!
  14. triple b

    Hamburger in a Can

    I looked around the site and found the rest of the story at this page: It doesn't come out looking like the pic above. I guess if you were out trkking for a few days it wouldn't seem quite as bad!
  15. triple b

    Mystery Beef Q-View

    Sorry Jonathan,but the colour of the meat after you sliced it looks more like pork to me. It would have been nice to see it in the raw stage. Maybe someone will come along with a better idea.
  16. triple b

    Happy Birthday Monty

    Happy Birthday Monty!
  17. triple b

    First Timer

    Welcome to SMF! It is always recomended to season a smoker first. Check out the post under electric smokers. Someone should be along soon to help you. Don't forget to sign up for Jeff's free 5 day ecourse. Good luck!
  18. triple b

    Texture not right on Keilbasa I made

    I found 4 recpes for Polisj kielbasa. 2 are pork butt only-coarse ground. The other 2 have a mix of pork and beef [similar to yours]. 1 is 3 lbs. coarse gr. pork butt with 2lbs. coarse gr. stew meat [doesn't actually say beef,but that would be my guess] The last one is 4 lbs.coarse ground pork...
  19. triple b

    New guy check'n in

    Welcome to the SMF from Canada! If you PM me I could send you the PDF file that I got from my brother Squeezy. Or after searching I found Jeff's free version very similar to the one I [email protected]:
  20. triple b

    Left Over Smoked Turkey

    How about a nice salad with your favourite greens with salsa, grated jack cheese,sour cream,sliced jalapeños,topped with your left over smoked turkey sliced very thin in a tortilla bowl [so you can eat it too!] A little chopped fresh cilantro sprinkled on top is good too!