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  1. pit boss tx

    Uploading Photos

    Gearjammer1  Thanks for the insight. I am on W-10 also and find that some I T  people will favor their URL & WEB page access with I E 5+ or Google Chrome. So when I find one not working I change to the other. I want to get back to the smoker but today is windy and chill factor is in low...
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    It's perfect Corey....Thank you Sir.
  3. pit boss tx


    Thanks to Corey I have some photos up. There is Beef Jerky, Pork Loin and Ribs and a brisket with  another pork loin.
  4. pit boss tx

    Uploading Photos

    I'm not a computer whiz so someone please help me. I have the photos uploaded from phone to my CPU. I see the titles of photos but I don't seem to be able to get these onto the forum page to partner with my recipe for the jerky. My personal email is [email protected] someone will reply to...
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    Comment by 'pit boss tx' in media 'IMG_0925.JPG'

    Photos of some recent product.
  6. Pork Loin.jpg

    Pork Loin.jpg

  7. Pork Spare Ribs.jpg

    Pork Spare Ribs.jpg

  8. Pork Loin & Brisket.jpg

    Pork Loin & Brisket.jpg

  9. Beef Jerky.jpg

    Beef Jerky.jpg

  10. pit boss tx


    I made some more beef jerky Friday using my own marinade. The butcher cut of meat I use is the bottom round. It is more lean and almost void of fat. Fat will not cure in jerky preparation. I cut all the meat into varying size strips and place in the marinade for 24-36 hours. Before placing the...
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    Comment by 'pit boss tx' in article 'Seasonings & Marinades'

    The "hardwoods" will keep meat for more than one day in an edible state. The "fruit tree woods" flavor meat for the first serving but leftovers tend to be less tasteful. 
  12. pit boss tx

    Seasonings & Marinades

    The diversity of styles for meat prep and cooking vary with as many Back Yard cooks, myself included. But the first step I found so useful was to read what the award winning cooks have done. Then I adapted my own style for my tastes and for my customers. There are so many good books on Smoke...
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    Great photos and works of art! The "Q" Art is better for display than some contemporary works I have seen. Art is supposed to "talk to you" and man do these works talk to me! I would imagine other readers get the same reaction too.
  14. pit boss tx

    Low and Slow

    The Dallas Morning News edition on March 5th had an article about a technique that a John Jenkins has used and swears by when residing on a ranch. It featured the method of using an actual ground pit, lowering the brisket or pig or whatever, into the earth pit and covering it with the coals...
  15. pit boss tx

    What's your biggest BBQ challenge?

    Every body every where need to adapt their cooking to the local factors.  The "ambient temperature" is critical to smoke cooking. Higher temps may be recommended on some dishes but not all. I just did a local preparation on Friday cooking two 8lb Pork Shoulders and 1/2 pork loin. I got the...
  16. pit boss tx

    What's your biggest BBQ challenge?

    Keeping your smoked dish warm and fresh can be hard unless one accepts the fact that using an oven too is not bad karma. Prepare your smoked items as usual on the outside smoker, then it can be foil wrapped and placed in the oven at 165-200f. Use an aluminum roasting pan like we place our...
  17. pit boss tx

    What's your biggest BBQ challenge?

    Meal planning done by grilling, smoking or in the kitchen, all depends upon the "cook" knowledge and practice. Culinary knowledge is not gained by osmosis. It is a discipline all to its own for any type food preparation. We (hobby chefs) must be concerned with the ethics of protecting our...
  18. pit boss tx

    Can I make jerky from pork ???

    YES.....let your imagination be the guide. I am going to try some salmon jerky, bison, Elk when I can get it and anything else I can find to try out. That's the fun of our "Man Cave Smoking Skills." We can try anything we want. I've got my air gun sighted for a couple of "tree rats." Hey it's...
  19. pit boss tx

    Can I make jerky from pork ???

    Martin: Just for giggles on varying recipe items; for the pork jerky cut some thicker strips along with the smaller strips. After marinade for 24, then take thin bacon slices and wrap the thicker jerky strips and see how that works. I am going to try this one too. Will thaw out a pork loin to...
  20. pit boss tx

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Robert:  Good for you - MUSTANG style. I too was Navy within the Naval Security Group Communications Intell Intercept. Fondly known as the "Spy Navy."   I did ride a Tin Can DD-715 Wm. Wood around the MED two TAD trips. While I did not mind the sea duty, I got attached to the shore duty...