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    Long Rest vs Long Hold - help needed

    Don't know but I thought it was worth trying again.
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    Long Rest vs Long Hold - help needed

    Thanks. This is helpful. I was thinking about doing it around 165 so it's good to know that you've had success with it.
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    Long Rest vs Long Hold - help needed

    Making a brisket tomorrow. Need some help. Does anyone have any perspective on the relative benefits of a long rest vs long hold, i.e. which is better? To clarify, I hear people talk about having an extended 8-12 hour rest but I can't tell if they mean hold, the difference between the two being...
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    Brisket: Holding vs Resting Discussion and Advice

    Scattered across numerous forums, I have seen people equate/use interchangeably the terms resting and holding when referring to allowing the internal temperature of a brisket to drop post-cook. These terms are not the same as resting refers to the period where you allow the temperature to drop...