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    Tomatoes for balcony cultivation

    Hay! How are you doing? A few weeks ago I bought tomatoes seeds. They are for balcony cultivation so it is a perfect alternative for me - a person who doesn't own her yard and live in a flat. But in a few years it will change! Anyway, I have never grown tomatoes from seeds..I always had...
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    Hi! How are you, guys? Is everything ok? After beautiful sunny summer there are left many peppers that I have grown. I had seeds from and I didn't think that there will be something from them...
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    strawberry corn

    hi! have you ever heard about strawberry corn? I saw its pictures in the Internet and I really liked it..I am considering growing it next year but I need some information if it is worthy..what do you think?
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    New Garden

    bobjr21w - there are many inspirations in the Internet that you can find easily..Maybe they will inspire you! Or maybe you should take a sheet of paper and write down what would you like to grow there..for sure it will help you to plan :)
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    Garden done

    Really good job, Joe! I think that it will look amazing when it starts to grow. Still I haven't done anything with my garden, because my conceptions change everyday...Hope one day I will find inspiration! :D
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    First smoke fail

    OH, don't worry..My first smoke was also a fail..But don't worry, if you work on it, it will be better in the future! As previous guys wrote - top vent should always be wide open. Follow this advice and hope next time will be better!
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    Diet bread

    Hey everyone! I want to make a bread but I am on diet so I also want it to be low-calorie. Once, I heard about banana bread but I have never prepared it. Do you know it is diet one or no? What is more, I love different kinds of dried fruits, grains etc and my budget is not limited so I am...