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    Propane leak

    One of those small propane tanks sprung a leak. If I don't move it, the leak stops. If I agitate it, I hear it hissing. What's the correct course of action?
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    "Why not just use the oven or a crock pot, then toss in some liquid smoke?"

    Can forgeries, facsimiles, and shortcuts be good enough? Maybe even better? Sure. Sometimes. But the process of smoking is part if the fun, isn't it?
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    How to cook my brats?

    Pan fry with butter
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    Kitchen Aid mixer meat grinder

    That's the same grinder attachment I use. It's excellent. I use it with a KA artisan mixer. The meat is partially frozen. I typically do 5 pounds at a time. Several times a year. Going on 8 years. The mixer still works great, and it gets a lot of use for breads and cakes too. I would...
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    The Obi Wans struck again!

    Mounting to a board wasn't an option for me, since my counter doesn't have enough of an overhang to clamp to. I was also worried about breaking the stone. These suction cups work great though...
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    How Do Ingredients Other Than Salt And Sugar Affect Curing With Prague Powder #1?

    Sounds like most of your praline “dust” is fat, sugar, and, protein. My hypothesis: little to no effect. Any lactic acid may serve as an accelerator, but the amount and it's effect would be small. Are there anti caking agents in the "dust"?
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    PANIC - First Time Curing Ham

    Can you post the recipe? Don't toss the ham though. See it through to completion. If for no other reason, just to see if it fully cured in the end, and to see how the smoking goes. If the cure concentration really has you scared, eat only a small bite or two to gauge flavor. Take notes...
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    PANIC - First Time Curing Ham

    You are fine. That recipie works our to about 100ppm ingoing NaNO2 according to the "pick-up" equation. It's a huge amount according to the "equilibrium" equation. Going over the literature, you will find the range of acceptable cure is quite large. While cure#1 can be fatal, you will be...
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    Smoked sausage

    Recipe below (for 5 pounds of meat - all converted to grams). This is based on the salt content listed on the label of Jeff's Original rub. Note I've never used this recipe, but this is how I would proceed in this case. Feel free to use more or less salt depending on your preferences. Rubs...
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    Smoked sausage

    @Bob V. Will you be smoking or grilling the sausage? This will make a difference with choice of ingredients - specifically yes/no on cure#1. A good starting point is to add about 2.5% salt+spice to meat, by weight. So 0.125lb (or 2 oz) of your bbq rub to 5 pounds meat. This does depend a...
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    Who else likes Old Fashioned Hershey's Hot Chocolate...

    Here's a vote for Cortes chocolate bars
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    How do I know if my hog casings are good?

    It's normal for them to smell a bit. Beef casing have a stronger smell still. If they are packed in salt, they are good. Keep them refigerated and stored in dry salt, they'll last forever. After rinsing, the funky smell will be gone. I get my casing from
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    Advice Please

    Id not try to burn wood in one of those. There is no temp/air flow control. It's not built to see heat from a fire. Good chance that you only need to replace the heating element. Is that a repair job you'd be willing to try? If you want want a minimum-effort fix, you can dedicate the unit for...
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    Rotisserie Info needed.

    I highly recommend this motor. It's a huge upgrade over the unit that came with my rotisserie attachment. I've had it for 2 years now. Bought it after the original failed. Biggest thing I've had on it was an 18 pound turkey. No complaints...
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    FDA OKs Lab-grown meat

    What do think? This isn't veggie burger, beyondmeat stuff. It's actual animal muscle cells grown in and harvest from a petri dish.
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    Pheasant cheaper than Turkey?

    I don't subscribe to the CNN is fake news hysteria. But man o man, is their reporting ridiculous sometimes. This article (linked below) is suggesting that we make duck or pheasant for Thanksgiving to save money (and something about decolonizing your menu, but let's not even get into that part)...
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    $0.49/lb Turkey @ WinnDixie

    Fyi Found this in the mailbox today
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    MES with Mailbox mod woodchip 3d print adapter

    I'm not understanding the problem you are trying to solve. The corrugated end of a 3in duct pipe fits snugly right into the chip tray port on a Masterbuilt. If however you are just looking for an excuse to play with your 3d printer: yes, making custom fittings and adapters is a great idea. I...
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    Newbie- curing ham & bacon

    @SmokinEdge How does the CJP flavor compare to celery seeds or celery salt?
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    Newbie- curing ham & bacon

    There is some debate as to whether or not meat can be called "cured" without the use in nitrates/nitrites. In either case, few on this site would advocate in favor of doing salt-only cures owing to the inherent dangers. Especially for someones first attempt and who likley lacks environmental...