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  1. q3131a

    Brisket On the New Pit Boss Copperhead 7 Series

    Well done.
  2. q3131a

    Labor Day Smoke

    Nice. I did 2 whole briskets on Sunday. I've got two pork butts set to start tonight.
  3. q3131a

    "Sterilizing" the smoker??

  4. q3131a

    Making rub vs store bought

    No anti caking agents, no msg, less salt, and less expensive. Why would anyone not make their own rubs?
  5. q3131a

    Memphis BBQ Sauce Recipe

    Making this tonight
  6. q3131a

    Mom Wants Smoked Salmon

    Looks great! Thanks
  7. q3131a

    pork but foiling question

    Next time use a fat seperator before you pour the juice back onto the meat. This will remove the excess fat. However, the juice will still jell. As the connective tissue breaks down under slow cooking, it turns to gelatin. That is the same stuff that makes jello. Gelatin is good suff in meat...
  8. q3131a

    Whole Picnic Thai Style (Pics)

    Looks great. I like sugar rubs.
  9. q3131a

    How many zeros in a billion

    And this year the will spend 3 trillion. Just wait and see how much we spend when we have the Dems in control of congress and the white house.
  10. q3131a

    Brine I just made up....

    More stuff in the brine. I am not a fan of brining too long. 8 to 10 hours max.
  11. q3131a

    Brine I just made up....

    Here is my brining recipe: 1.5 gallons of water 2/5 cup of salt 1.5 cups of sugar 4 oz of teriyaki sauce (it's been in the fridge for 6 months and time to use it) 4 oz Molasses 1 tbl whol cardamom seed 10 star anise My rub will be a home made curry powder and black pepper. I'm going to stuff...
  12. q3131a

    Brine I just made up....

    Dave, I would just add the water with a bit more of this/that. It will turn out great either way (as long as there is not too much salt). You did use kosher salt, right? Last year my brine was too salty, so this year, I'm using 1/2 the salt.
  13. q3131a

    Brined Bluefish....My first try

    Flash, Are the macs hitting in CK? I am fresh out of fish for smokin.
  14. q3131a

    Brined Bluefish....My first try

    Flash, Did you put the fish under a fan after brining to develop the pellicle? Good looking smoke. Try brining for 12 hours or so.
  15. q3131a

    How long to Brine?

    I brine chicken every week. I generally do three hours of brine. I defrost from 9am to noon, brine from 12:30 to 3:30 and roast from 4 to 5:30. When I do Turkey, I brine overnight, but try to keep it under 10 hours. Last turkey I brined for 16 hours and it was too salty.
  16. q3131a

    How do you keep your probes alive and accurate

    Anyone have a link to buy extra probes? I use them for regular cooking so they get exposed to 425* every week. I have burned out quite a few.
  17. q3131a

    Good Deal on GOSM

    Damn Newbies are always getting the best deals. Congratulations!
  18. q3131a

    GOSM Runs Hot...Thinking of Adding Vent(?)

    There is a big difference between top and bottom rack in my GOSM. I rotate every hour when doing fish. This is just after my first rotation: Here is the whole thread:
  19. q3131a

    Ribs, convince not to boil

    Invite her over and make her a boiled bacon cheeseburger.