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  1. tony111

    Rotisserie Venison Backstrap

    Looks good. I do not know anything about the air fryers but it seems like a lot of the guys are using them. Might have to look into one of these.
  2. tony111

    Venison Kielbasa

    Thanks everyone !!!
  3. tony111

    Venison Kielbasa

    Lucky enough to have ground venison in the freezer and some leftover pork back fat , I thought with all this time on my hands I might as well make some kielbasa All ground through a 3/16 plate and mixed by hand ready to stuff into 32mm casings Stuffed into premeasured 12 inch casings and...
  4. tony111

    Stay-at-home Jambalaya

    Looking good!! I add my home made venison kielbasa to ours and some bell peppers and onions. Hard to beat for a quick cheap meal .
  5. tony111

    Venison weiners ( pic heavy )

    Great post !!! I will have to try some of those casings. My venison dogs never have the right mouth feel. Those look spot on.
  6. tony111

    Beef Tenderloin Tails

    Nice looking meal for sure. Got me thinking about the venison tenderloins I have in the freezer.
  7. tony111

    Big poppa vs smoker kits

    I have the Big Poppa and really like it , no complaints. I guess it is 4 or 5 years old and is still in great shape. I keep it in my shop so it has not been exposed to weather, only when in use. I plan on finding a stainless steel drum to up grade. I don't think you would be disappointed. I...
  8. tony111


    Those look great! I've started making these with cubed ham steaks. I just need to make my steaks a little thinner from now on. Great post.
  9. tony111

    Smoked ham (pic heavy)

    Here are the pics of the ham sliced I think it came out a bit to salty. I rinsed a few times and soaked in water for about 45 min before I smoked it. Next time I will allow for more time in the water bath to equalize the salt a little more. Lesson learned! Plated up with a couple of eggs for...
  10. tony111

    Deer cheddar brat patties on the grill

    They look great. This is a very rewarding hobby. Did you add pork or pork fat to your deer?
  11. tony111

    Chicken fried steak.

    Looks good. We used to do cubed venison steaks like that when my boys lived at home. Brings back some good memories.
  12. tony111

    Smoked ham (pic heavy)

    I lay asphalt for a living. Here in Ohio that is April to November as a rule , weather permitting.
  13. tony111

    Smoked ham (pic heavy)

    My Uncle and I butchered these hogs about a month ago Froze a deboned ham to cure and smoke. I cured it for a week in Morton's sugar cure brine and injected it . Here it is tied and ready for the smoker at 8 am Had the uds fired up and ready for the ham . Temp in the 50s in Ohio today, good...
  14. tony111

    First Try at Vension Summer Sausage

    Looking Good! Waiting to see the end product. The enterprise leaves a nice hand full in the bottom for a test fry. I still use mine for sausage, pressing crackling and squeezing out some sour mash.
  15. tony111

    Hot Italian venison sausage

    Oberst I think the heat is just right, however the Mrs. thinks they are a little to hot. Warren that is the exact way I eat them Thanks everyone for the likes
  16. tony111

    Hot Italian venison sausage

    Useing up some of last season's venison and pork from the freezer grinding 2 lbs venison, 2lbs pork and 1 lb. Pork back fat through a 1/8 plateused the jerky cannon to stuff 32mm casings since I was only doing 5 lbsafter over night rest in the frig first hour in the smoker at 120. Bumped up to...
  17. tony111

    OFG Trail Bologna

    Good work and thanks for the recipe. Those look like they turned out great. I will be trying this out with some venison and pork. I live smack dab in the middle of Amish country in Ohio but never knew the origin of trail bologna. Thanks again!
  18. tony111

    Featured Finally got a Hobart I hope it is a good unit.

    Nice find ! Check out the Hobart web site. Lots of info there and you can download old user and parts manuals. I have an old 410 and it works great. Good luck with your project. I believe 8064 is the model number
  19. tony111

    Venison Trail bologna

    pushok2018 yes i do grind the meat through a 3 mm plate. I grind the venison when i harvest it through a 3 mm plate at a ratio of 90/10 with beef fat, then regrind with the pork. So 2 grinds through the 3 mm plate. Here is a pic of the 32 mm sliced. Hope this answers your questions
  20. tony111

    Venison Trail bologna

    Trying to use up some of last seasons venison and thought I would share my process. Grinding 4lbs. deer and 2 lbs. pork. Using Lems Backwoods seasoning and some jalapeno from the garden and a three pepper cheese the Mrs. picked up jalapeno, habanero and chipolte. I like some extra spice in my...