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  1. ultramag

    Is this forum getting to go belly up!

    Seems one could say the same thing about you Rodger. Good to see you're still around. Seems alot of the old hands are still in the background watching and learning.
  2. ultramag

    I am officially a Drum Head!!!

    Amen to that. I missed this the first go round Bubba, but you need to be careful. Cooking on a drum will increase beer consumption throughout the cook. I mean all you got to do otherwise is set there and smell the amazing smells that the drum will make while it works it's magic. Have you...
  3. ultramag

    Burnt Ends

    I do it pretty much like what Al outlined above with a few extra steps. Real burnt ends aren't seen very many places because they are expensive and a lot of extra work to make. They are very well worth the effort to make and make right though IMO. I could live on burnt ends. Here is a link to...
  4. ultramag

    Christmas Que Side Contest WINNER

    Congrats Dalmorloson!!! The salad looks great. Nice contest Mike.
  5. ultramag

    Seen one of these???

    Neat mop, let us know how it works. I'm suprised Santa found you up there no better than you usually behave.
  6. ultramag

    Happy Birthday, Pigcicles

    Happy Birthday Joe!!!
  7. ultramag

    New to the site

    Welcome to SMF TitanFan48!!! You sure got some good advice already, this is a great place to learn how to put that new smoker to use. A good place to start would be signing up for the 5-day eCourse. Lot's of good info delivered right to your email. Enjoy the forums!
  8. ultramag

    New member

    Welcome to the SMF Double T!!! Can't wait to see the Cookshack in action.
  9. ultramag

    Newbie to smoke

    Welcome to SMF boarhunter!!!
  10. ultramag

    TriTip Roast

    Definately sliced thin for sammies is the way to go with leftover tri-tip. I'm with Big Al, I'm hungry now.
  11. ultramag

    Hey Friends

    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Marvin. I was trollin some SMF old timer profiles the other night and saw it had been quite a while since you had been on. Glad to know you're still around. Maybe we can get hooked up in chat one night. Oh, BTW, if you ever do need to store the General...
  12. ultramag


    Welcome to SMF SmokinTexan!!!
  13. ultramag

    Finally signed up

    Welcome to SMF Kid98!!! Glad you decided to join us.
  14. ultramag

    Hello from Calgary

    Welcome to SMF Bezz!!! I have always wanted to play w/ a BGE. I look forward to seeing some of your cooks on it.
  15. ultramag

    hello from ga

    Welcome to the SMF smokey bryan!!!
  16. ultramag

    Smokeless In South Dakota

    Welcome to SMF JBo!!!
  17. ultramag

    Hey everyone

    Welcome to SMF JoeQ!!!
  18. ultramag

    Hello from DFW..

    Welcome to SMF tdbohannon!!!
  19. ultramag

    First time Smoker.

    Welcome to SMF Steven!!!
  20. ultramag

    Hello all!

    Welcome to SMF whatsasmoker!!!