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  1. burksmoke

    I'm gonna be a daddy!

    Congrats!  Hope you are ready for a life change!  No fear you will love it.  My baby (He is 24 now) is my best smoking buddy.  I have 3 kids and 6 grandkids now (we are a prolific bunch of Texicans) Enjoy them while you can, life is way too short. Burk
  2. burksmoke

    Secrets to Great Barbecue

    I'm still smokin!  These are still true.  Darn this is an old one. Burk
  3. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    I'm converted! Next batch I promise. BTW the boss is whipping up some real meatballs for a party next Friday, I think I will hijack some. lol
  4. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    Awesome!  Thanks for the reply.
  5. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    Here is the glaze I used.  I didn't notice it said mild till after they were complete.  I still had a hot, sweet taste. I would prefer more heat. There is always next time!
  6. Sunday Butts 009.jpg

    Sunday Butts 009.jpg

  7. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    Butts are still smokin!
  8. Sunday Butts 010.jpg

    Sunday Butts 010.jpg

  9. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    Money Shot!
  10. Sunday Butts 013.jpg

    Sunday Butts 013.jpg

  11. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    Putting the glaze on here...
  12. Sunday Butts 011.jpg

    Sunday Butts 011.jpg

  13. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    The Moink balls are just frozed meat balls wrapped in bacon.  I used my rub and a jalapeno jelly glaze.  pics to follow
  14. Sunday Butts 008.jpg

    Sunday Butts 008.jpg

  15. burksmoke

    Pork Butts and Moink Balls

    Got a late start today, but we are rolling now.  Saw a thread about "moink" balls so I had to try.  (2) butts on for about 4 hours now.
  16. Sunday Butts 001.jpg

    Sunday Butts 001.jpg

  17. burksmoke

    swift BB ribs membrane

    Nice Info.!  Wish we had a Costco here.  Seems like someone should look into altering the genetics of hogs so that the membrane would be missing from all of them!  Just saying... Burk
  18. Cookin 015.jpg

    Cookin 015.jpg

  19. burksmoke

    Fall of the Bone Spare Ribs

    Sounds like a good plan.  The apple juice idea is good, sometimes I smear a little grape jelly on them at the foiling stage.  Trust me it works.  lol Burk
  20. burksmoke

    Cabrito! Where do I start?

    Thanks guys!   There is an annual BBQ event in Electra TX not far from where I live where cabrito is one of the categories.  I've always intended to check it out but never have.  I really appreciate the input.  I've got to try it. Burk