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    N. Florida Gathering is Now an Official SMF Event

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    SMF needs a facebook fan page!

    oh man---how cool---i couldnt read enuff at the forum
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    i took store bought 8 lb spiral sliced ham out of refridge for 3 hrs.... remember that ham was already cookd by ham company.... i put in food processer a can of fruit cocktail i mixed with the package of ham glaze that came with ham..... i pre heated my smoker to 250---.put ham in..for 2 hr...
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    PAR-CEL the seed vendor says it grows and looks like parsley--- the taste is cross between parsley and  celery...... does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this plant...??? i grow under cfl's inside.....2 -26 watt 6500 kelvin- 1650 lumens each--16 hr on a day... in 15 square...
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    Masterbuilt/SMF Contest - MES-40 Up for Grabs!!

    fired up ROSE -   thats my     royal  oak smoker  electric     SUN AM... after getting up to 220f--- loaded with--3 LB BONELESS LEG OF LAMB... i put 5 slits in roast and put small amount of powdered garlic in slits--- other than this it was right out of refrigerator 1 hr... i use hickory saw...
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    Smoking Turkey Legs for Family!! D I S N E Y

    i have a electric smoker that i luv... .its heat maxes out at about 275 f.......... i use mortons sugar cure  at 1 table spoon a lb for about 2 hours... i then rinse off and pat dry.... i then sprinkle tony's cajun lightly on them... the mortons cure makes a big difference  I M O...
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    Country Style

    i believe--- that is --- i m o the original C S R  was what was left after  someone cut the meat out for boneless pork loin... they then took the bones with  a little meat on them and bbq'ed them... smoking was even better.....they are absolutely delicious smoked any how that what i do...
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    whats the deal

    i do agree with you dan..... sometimes it so frustrating as i try to show other folks what a good site it is --then i cant find stuff......
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    whats the deal

    i have so many problems with this new style forum... it is not a pleasure to use a it once was...... i use search for sflquers finishing sauce and get a bunch of others.. where is it??? if someone doesnt think ive been around here my otbs number is 005 i say this because on more than 3...
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    Smoked Pork Fried Rice

    could you find out if your asian market has FRESHLY QUACKED DUCK LIQUID.. I COULD GET IN HOUSTON --IN ST LOUIS AREA THEY NO GOTEE.... I WANT NO stuff usless its freshly quacked....  
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    this keeps sending me to a page that has many replies and variations.. i have already did that--along with variations [method-times-rub-foil] i would like the simple directions for 3-2-1--- thanks for reply as usual theres some one around here that is most helpful
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    where do --how do i find the complete 3-2-1-instructions??
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    Missouri gathering?

    steelville sounds good to me......
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    Missouri gathering?

    how about rolla???
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    what is pork shoulder chuck roast?

    try them all---especially with pork shoulder ---SO many ways are Good........
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    what is pork shoulder chuck roast?

    no such thing---- wannabee butcher meat dept worker possibly got confused..... UNLESS...the stores name was chuck's
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    The flavor of Lamb?

    small shoulder roast--- 2 1/2 --3 1/2  lb........... i get them at aldi or kroger or schnucks---stl area simple rub..............1.salt+1/2pepper+1/2garlic powder+1/2onion powder+1/4papricka.......... i use mesquite chips---+ hickory sawdust..... i smoke in ROSE---that royal oak smoker...
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    adding wood for smoke question

    thin blue smoke