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  1. schlotz

    Woke up 10º, it's definitely a Chili Day!

    That's the beauty of chili, you can make it with ever you've got.
  2. schlotz

    Woke up 10º, it's definitely a Chili Day!

    Always good to keep things light Keith. No beer? Now that's a serious issue Rich. Though you were better than that :emoji_laughing: I'm here all day buddy! :emoji_laughing: Oh, tell Tracy I'm glad to help out where I can. That looks mighty good Jed!
  3. schlotz

    Woke up 10º, it's definitely a Chili Day!

    Alway good the next day too! Whoever invented negative temps should be shot. Stay warm! Bummer Jeff, hate it when that happens :emoji_laughing:. Soup, it's what for dinner. Agreed! Yup! We always make a big batch to have for a couple of meals later on.
  4. schlotz

    Woke up 10º, it's definitely a Chili Day!

    Appreciate you stopping by Robert. Weren't you just enjoying 80 degree weather on Sunday? Wow, what a switch. Totally with ya, on staying in and filling the house with flavor. Wife just walked in and said she'd loved coming home to smelling what was for dinner. Pretty sure your chili will be a...
  5. schlotz

    Featured Slow Smoked Playoff Picanha (Q-View)

    My first introduction to Picanha was in São Paulo back in the mid 60s. The Brasilerios definitely knew where the 'good stuff' was on a cow and how to prepare it. Totally in agreement with ya Robert. The combined tenderness and rich flavor of this cut IMO is unmatched. Your picanha is perfect...
  6. schlotz

    Woke up 10º, it's definitely a Chili Day!

    Dang do I hate really cold weather but love the temps my freezer maintains. Pulled out 1.7#s of smoked brisket, grabbed some things from the pantry and in a few minutes its all on the stove on low. Chili is one of those things that everyone makes differently, but that's what's great about the...
  7. schlotz

    Smokin' in AZ- R.I.P.

    Sad to learn of his passing. Prayers go out to the family. R.I.P. John
  8. schlotz

    Espresso Maker Suggestions

    Well that’s a monster but looks like you had counter space to handle it. Can water be plumbed to it or just fill up the tank by hand?
  9. schlotz

    Catching Up: 4-Meal Food Collage (Lotsa Pics)

    Even without a worthy write up each show the care taken in preparation to create a fine meal. We’ll done on all accounts Robert!
  10. schlotz

    dry brine pork butt

    I've been wet brining butts for years using a recipe from Alton Brown. They come out perfect every time. See sig below...
  11. schlotz

    Brand Thread?!?

    Our daughter and son-in-law are ranchers. Kind of nice to have a supply of purebred wagyu beef 7 minutes up the road. parkwagyu dot com here's their brand...
  12. schlotz

    Long time follower first time poster

    Welcome from the Hoosier State! Sounds to me like you have a significant case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) like many of us here. You'll fit right in! :emoji_laughing:
  13. schlotz

    I never want to hear ANYTHING about FOOTBALL again...EVER!

    Life is different, for many it's futbol!
  14. schlotz

    Need advice for the first time trimming brisket

    That hard fat section will NOT render which is why most people remove a major portion of it.
  15. schlotz

    How to Waste a Steak

    Total waste of energy and protein.
  16. schlotz


    The owners have a great sense of the times and humor. All of them are great.
  17. schlotz

    Looking for a killer bbq sauce for wagyu ribs

    Hmm... sauce on beef ribs? To each their own... not legal in these parts :emoji_laughing:
  18. schlotz

    A Chuck Roast for the Spit

    Sorry to hear you discarded that last one. Sounds to me like it would have been an excellent start into a great smoked beef chili.
  19. schlotz

    My Wife Sent Me This

    The Asian bird flu will reside and eggs will eventually return to more normal pricing. How long, don't know. Personally I'd start by cooking one chicken a month.
  20. schlotz

    I Need a New Grill/Smoker

    All good questions John. Of the machines you mentioned I suspect the Rec-Tec will be your best choice. Yes it can grill and provide satisfactory results but realize that statement is subjective as everyone has their own expectations. You can start with the Rec-Tec and see. If it doesn't then...