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  1. mike5051

    Bone in breasts, tri-tip and sausage

    Looks great flatbroke! I'm gonna have to look for those sausages! Was the chicken good? Mike
  2. mike5051

    If you build it they will come

    Looks great Kyle! The stucco works, especially if the wife agrees! :D Looks like you're ready to tackle them butts! Mike
  3. mike5051

    Weber Smokey Mountain issue

    I keep 2 of the 3 vents fully closed to maintain 225-250 with no water. I open all three to cook chicken at 300+. This is with an 18.5, but it should be similar with a 22. Mike
  4. mike5051

    Soot in cabinet and on food

    I'm not familiar with propane, but maybe your burner isn't providing a "clean burn". I'm just guessing here. See if you have soot with no wood. Mike
  5. mike5051

    Spinning a butt!

    Thanks Chile! I appreciate it. Thanks Jeff! It was different. I'm not sure of the cut of pork, it was labeled as a shoulder butt roast, I think it was a picnic ham or something. The bone was not like a shoulder blade. I used a Thermapen and it probed 200-202 in 4 different places. I didn't...
  6. mike5051

    Spinning a butt!

    Thanks Chopsaw! Thanks for the point and the praise Chris! Thanks Al! It was tasty!
  7. mike5051

    Spinning a butt!

    I could have built a competition box...I had some pulled, some sliced and some chunks. Great bark, and the outer meat pulled. The inner muscles didn't pull, but they sliced into nice medalians. The rest was chopped into chunks. All tastes delicious! Mike
  8. mike5051


    Great recovery! Everything looks good! Mike
  9. mike5051

    Spinning a butt!

    I am not sure what to expect Dave. It smells awesome and looks great! I'll post a pic when I tear into it. Mike
  10. mike5051

    Spinning a butt!

    Spun it for 3 hrs, added charcoal at the 1.5 hr point. IT was at 200 when I took it off the grill. Now gonna rest until it's pullable. Thanks for looking! Mike
  11. mike5051

    Spinning a butt!

    I rubbed a 5lb butt with Jeff's rub and I'm going to rotisserie it. On the kettle for a few hours More to come later. Mike
  12. mike5051

    New Weber 22” issues

    That sounds weird, but I've got an 18 not the 22. Is it super windy? I have trouble with high temps when the wind is blowing. Mike
  13. mike5051

    Umai pepperoni

    Got it! I was thinking that they lose 40% in the 72 hrs. Thanks for the info. Mike
  14. mike5051

    New Weber 22” issues

    It sounds like you've got too much fuel lit, try lighting fewer briquettes to start with. Mike
  15. mike5051

    Umai pepperoni

    That's what I thought. Do the casings breathe or is the moisture going to drip out. Sorry for sounding so dumb. Mike
  16. mike5051

    Costco Prime Beef Ribs

    Looks delicious! I'm gonna have to check out Costco! Mike
  17. mike5051

    Umai pepperoni

    Where does the weight go?
  18. mike5051

    2 racks on my new smoker!

    Beautiful ribs! Nice smoker too! Mike
  19. mike5051

    Sweet and Savory Stuffed Pork Chops

    Huge HECK YEAH! Think I'll pass on the cauliflour though. :eek: Mike
  20. mike5051

    Starting fluid or not?

    I use a chimney. I can taste the fuel on food cooked over lighter fluid charcoal. I may be sensitive to it, I love the smell of gasoline and charcoal being lit with lighter fluid. Mike