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  1. bbqbrett

    Last Round-up

    Bear, I am so sorry to hear this. Your posts have always been informative and uplifting and your loss will be felt here for a long, long time. Don't really have any other words that haven't already been said. Prayers for you and your loved ones.
  2. bbqbrett

    Who else likes Old Fashioned Hershey's Hot Chocolate...

    When I was a kid usually had marshmallows and not the candy cane. However as an adult I have been known from time to time to add some peppermint Schnapps.
  3. bbqbrett

    Franklin BBQ

    Cool. When I went I had quite the wait as didn't arrive til 8:00 a.m. and that was on a Sunday. I asked to check out the smokers as well. Good to see I am not the only one to do that.
  4. bbqbrett

    searching for smithflield country ham slices or alternative.

    I used to get those here in Idaho. Kind of went away from them and haven't gotten them in a while. May have to check and see if they are still in the store. Used to fry mine up and then simmer them in some BBQ sauce.
  5. bbqbrett

    Hello from Idaho!

    Welcome from...Idaho.
  6. bbqbrett

    First Run

    Looks really good! Were you happy with the results and flavor?
  7. bbqbrett

    Zapp's Potato Chips

    A guy I work with is from New Orleans and before they passed his parents always sent him large care packages which included these chips. Can't remember for sure all the ones I tried but I know I tried the regular, voodoo, mesquite bbq. They were all pretty good. I thought they once had just a...
  8. bbqbrett

    Smoked cheese and smoked eggs

    When I did my smoked eggs in the past I seasoned them with bacon salt. Gave them a little extra smoky pop.
  9. bbqbrett

    Ever Eaten Lunch at FW Woolworth's Counter?

    Not 100% positive of eating at Woolworths but pretty sure. The one I would have gone to closed when I was 6. Do remember eating at a couple of pharmacy lunch counters when I was pretty little as well.
  10. bbqbrett

    1st Ribfest Competition

    Probably true for the most part but he said it is not a KCBS, just a local comp so the whole falling off the bone may or may not apply because they more than likely aren't trained\certified judges. With something like that you never know for sure what the judges want. Found that out myself...
  11. bbqbrett

    Worst Beer…

    That sounds horrible! Makes me wonder who in their right mind would even brew it?
  12. bbqbrett

    New portable smoker!

    Sweet! Where is your first trip going to be to?
  13. bbqbrett

    FROZEN ribs again, this time STL’S

    Great job on those ribs and almost the perfect bite. I have to say almost because I wasn't the one taking the bite out of that rib.
  14. bbqbrett

    Franklins BBQ

    I went there in 2016 for my birthday. Figured it was the only chance I would get. That was the line at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday when we arrived. More people still showed up behind us. I guess the people who were first in line said they showed up at 5:00 a.m. Finally got in and seated with food...
  15. bbqbrett

    Ironic Advertisement Placement

    WOW. Not sure what else to say.
  16. bbqbrett

    That Pig is So Sweet You Could Kiss It.

    Looks really good from here. Great job!
  17. bbqbrett

    Diners, drive-ins and Dives

    Been to a few in the Boise area. PizzalChik. I thought it was very average. Only tried a couple of things but had both the pizza and chicken. Pizza seemed very average to me. The chicken was solid but nothing to write home about. Was always busy though. Closed a few years ago after the...
  18. bbqbrett

    More Bear Problems

    So sorry to hear about that Bear. Always love checking out your posts. Hang in there, take it easy, get some rest and heal up.
  19. bbqbrett

    Help Name Justin's Beer Pole

    You need to decorate it with red and blue stripes going around it and call it the beerber pole.
  20. bbqbrett

    Brining Pork Chops?

    I do the shake n bake sometimes too. Only ever did it in the oven though.