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  1. civilsmoker

    The Importance Of This Forum! IMO

    Not much else to sale but what RHB said!
  2. civilsmoker

    Today is a good day !!!

    A big high five Al!
  3. civilsmoker

    Featured Schnitzel ( Double cut loin chops )

    Man oh man Chop those are just perfect! You would have me chained to the table for seconds and thirds! Oh and that CI pan is a beautiful pan!!!
  4. civilsmoker

    Smoked Chuck Red Curry Magic!

    So the boy came up with an “IDEA” for dinner this week…… since chuck is only 3.99 it became the star…. Started off seasoning up the chuck with lemon pepper & roasted garlic to complement the curry tones….. next the braising liquid is just some soy, beef stock, and hoisin. On the RT1250 @ 265...
  5. civilsmoker

    Featured Just Beef Ribs Again….

    Many thanks BD! It's a great smoke any day of the week!
  6. civilsmoker

    Featured Roast Beef, pic heavy

    Thats looks like a very tasty beef dip samich! Very nice work!
  7. civilsmoker

    Heat Treat PID Control Wiring

    Thanks JC (and good luck, ie I do lots of time with the meter to make sure connections are good), I did lots of little electronics building way back, made my own circuit boards and such but that was a long time ago.... of those cool things were a metal detector and a TV signal jammer (this was...
  8. civilsmoker

    " Part 2 the cook " Beef Short Ribs Char Siu style ( Chuck short ribs ) " Part 2 added "

    Looks like you nailed this David! Oh yes it’s been cold!!! It’s been -14 F at dinner time here the last couple of days…..
  9. civilsmoker

    Heat Treat PID Control Wiring

    Thanks! I had a choice to get a press or a heat treat oven last year be fire prices went crazy and I got the coal iron press cause I could build the heat treat oven…… Thanks JD 07! I looked at receptacles but wanted minimize connection points and this control box will be fixed to the oven……...
  10. civilsmoker

    Featured Just Beef Ribs Again….

    Much appreciated bigkjo!
  11. civilsmoker

    Heat Treat PID Control Wiring

    Just wanted to share a “finished” pic and it shows why you should have a wiring diagram sitting next to you when doing these type of things……I hooked it up to another heater and everything seems to be function as designed. All smiles here! This saved me about 300 bills from the plug and play...
  12. civilsmoker

    Featured Just Beef Ribs Again….

    Thanks UE, it is appreciated!
  13. civilsmoker

    Featured SV Elk & Balsamic Blueberry Sauce

    Jed, yup that is a proper dish for elk back strap! Very nicely done!
  14. civilsmoker

    Goose Tenderloin Marsala @the Firehouse for the Guys...

    Very nice Keith! Goose and Marsala, now those would be magic together! That sauce looks TASTY!
  15. civilsmoker

    " Part 2 the cook " Beef Short Ribs Char Siu style ( Chuck short ribs ) " Part 2 added "

    Very nice, we do a steady diet of those seared up tasty meat treats.....but we are in a holding pattern cause the propane just comes out in liquid form as it is to cold to do searing Q.....
  16. civilsmoker

    Featured Just Beef Ribs Again….

    Many thanks Red, much appreciated. Good deal and yes don't want BS out of balance!
  17. civilsmoker

    Elk Shepards/Pot Pie

    As Jed pointed out you need to add a fat element to it as it has zero fat, for a ground pie like this, tallow, butter, or classic olive oil could all be used if you don't have a blended ground already. When I grind my elk, I add beef fat to the 15% so a burger can be made....
  18. civilsmoker

    Elk Shepards/Pot Pie

    Nice work Jed! Elk is very lean but full of flavor so that was spot on. FYI, I have cooked a lot of Elk in worsh'd enhanced beef gravy over the years.... ie Worcestershire and Elk is a perfect blend!
  19. civilsmoker

    Rotisserie Center cut Sirloin .

    Man oh man Chop that is pulling at my heartstrings! Its -14 as I type and I'm tempted to jump on a plane for dinner at your house and the warm temps!
  20. civilsmoker

    County style rib burnt ends

    That would get me ready for dinner for sure, very nice cook!