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  1. white cloud

    what to do with a 2.18 pound eye roast...

    Jerky would be my choice.
  2. white cloud

    Stubborn Butts!

    Thats a heck of a long time to cook a butt. But if you enjoy sitting there and tending more power to ya. If you cook at say, 250* and foil at 170to180 you could dramatically decrease the amount of time by probobly 5-6 hours. With the same or better results I might add.
  3. white cloud

    Brisket Question

    what they all said. If you start them in the conventional oven you may as well finish in there as well.................
  4. white cloud

    Food Network Going In The Tank

    I miss Sara Moltens show. I don't even remember the name of it now, it's been so long since they removed it.
  5. white cloud

    Can I rub tonight for a Saturday smoke??

    I would rub everything except the ribs.
  6. white cloud

    Flat Cut Brisket

    I'd make jerky out of it.
  7. white cloud

    Wood chunks OK in Smoke Hollow smoker?

    Throw a few chunks of lit lump charcoal and some wood chunks and you wont be dissapointed.
  8. white cloud

    Greetings from Mid-Michigan

    Howdy, how long did you let the BBB Cure?. Dont get me wrong, it looks really good but, it almost looked like you applied the TQ and seasoning just prior to putting in the smoker and I am just trying to clarify for any newer people wanting to make bacon the right process. Welcome from MI.
  9. white cloud

    Ghost In My House?

    I have unexplained things happen all the time with my computers/ stereos and other electronic devices. Could it be? I don't know, I just blame it on modern technology. I ain't afraid of no ghost. LOL
  10. white cloud

    My Try at Corning Beef

    Looks and sounds great. I was gonna brine?wet cure mine this year but just did the dry cure again. I haven't been dissapointed yet, but still wanna do a brine. I have one out of three left so..................
  11. white cloud

    Smoked Chicken Sausage with QView

    Have you tried the Ice Water Bath, right out of the smoker?
  12. white cloud

    Ghost In My House?

    It's the great yoshida himself.
  13. white cloud

    does anyone have a good Recipe for Native fry bread.

    I seen Cowgirl thread this dish in the past. is a great place for hard to find recipes with ratings even.
  14. white cloud

    Calling all Michigan cookers

    Too bad you so far away cheech, maybe we could hook up and put something together since I got the boot..... FUG's
  15. white cloud

    Love to eat it and need to learn how to cook it

    And if you do plan on loading that smoker to the hilt, I would suggest checking out the inexpensive mods to be performed on that smoker so the heat and smoke will be a bit more balanced from end to end.
  16. white cloud

    "KILLER" ABT's

    Interesting, usually the bigger ones from the store are less hot I have found. And that is just a bit too much prep in making ABT's ( not that it made them hotter). I prefer mine more on the crunchy side and half cook the bacon before wrapping to assure this. Hard to say with all the newer...
  17. white cloud

    Fried Potato and Ham Stuffed Breakfast Fatty

    Love that fatty, it is just perfect.
  18. white cloud

    What Is The Oddest Thing You've Smoked ?

    Pork rinds from the bag, and they were good.
  19. white cloud

    Super Bowl Ideas???

    I posted this a couple years ago.
  20. white cloud

    Happy Birthday sumosmoke & tjoff

    Hope yall have a great day.