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  1. bdskelly


    So many good choices of deserving folks.
  2. bdskelly

    Hello from Texas

    Did you check out the units at bass pro by the airport? They carry Horizon . Sold built
  3. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    He is all boy for sure I wish I had half of his energy!
  4. bdskelly

    FarmYard Sushi ( for lack of a better name ) couple pics

    Over the top David. Outstanding!
  5. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Thank you Warren Those grandkids are happy. Teri and I are blessed to have them in our life
  6. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Nothin but love for ya Warren
  7. bdskelly

    Just a shoulder

    Well done. Standing ovation!
  8. bdskelly

    Greetings from Central Texas!

    Welcome to SMF! Happy you made it official! Cedar Creek? We will be expecting crappie posts!
  9. bdskelly

    Whats Your Comfort Food

    This is what Teri and I like when the first cold snap arrives You’ll need a loaf of French Bread to go with it !
  10. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Thanks Robert. Good to see you too. I was checking in but not posting much. Over the last few I lost some close pals. Pops who lived close by, Gary out in East Texas, and then there is Ol Kevin (Foamheart).. what can I say. Guess I lost some motivation for posting. But I’m still cooking...
  11. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Doing great John. Thanks for asking! I’ve been lurking. Just have not been posting any. It’s good to see my old friends still at it. And some amazing new talents are here too!
  12. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Those grandkids are my life. They will eat my bbq even when it’s an epic fail!
  13. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Thanks Jim. It’s hard to mess up a PB. They are very forgiving as you know.
  14. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Thanks so much. It turned out nice.
  15. bdskelly

    Picanha sale this week

    A great cut. Difficult to find in my area.
  16. bdskelly

    Snowy Ribs

    Nice bones!
  17. bdskelly

    Thanksgiving How to Smoke a Whole Turkey - Video

    Very nice step by step Jeff. BD
  18. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    The judging panel approved!
  19. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    I pulled the butt when the IT hit 200. I let the ol girl rest for 20 minutes while I finished the coleslaw, rice n beans. The house really smells good right now. Y’all have a great Sunday! BD
  20. bdskelly

    ~BDSkelly Sunday Pork Butt

    Thank you wimpy. These are the tools I use for those cross cuts. The old cake frosting spatula to keep my lines straight and even width. And an adjustable blade razor knife to keep the depth of the cut even.