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  1. jminion

    Competition or Catering MUST HAVES!

    A good popup canopy, adjustable height tables (so you can get them up to elbow height) saves your back. This might help
  2. jminion

    Trimmings from Brisket? Use em?

    Depends on the producer/packer.
  3. jminion

    Brisket fail

    Connective tissue takes time to break down. When you cook a brisket 10 to 14 pounds then 1 to 1 1/2 hours per pound can be used as a guide, along with internal temps. If you are cooking a 4 to 5 pound brisket the hour a pound guide is no longer any good because that is not enought time to break...
  4. jminion

    What Cut of Brisket is This?

    James is right it is a flat with point removed. The third picture where it tapers to the right is where the point would have been.
  5. jminion

    bad charcoal taste?

    Not enough information to really answer the question. What did you use for smoke and how much? What are cooking on? Was the exhaust fully open?
  6. jminion

    Tough Brisket

    A steak and a brisket both come from a cow but that is where the similarties end. Brisket is a tough heavily used muscle unlike a muscle cut for steaks. The connective tissue takes time and heat to break down, adding their sweetness and moisture to the brisket. I normally cook a brisket to the...
  7. jminion

    Sear my butt?

    Searing meats adds a flavor print with the protein releasing sugars but it does not seal anything in including juices. Considering the rubs normally used and the long cook not sure you will be able to notice the difference but it would be worth a try. Jim
  8. jminion

    What chicken cut for KCBS competition?

    I use thighs, brine overnight, start brine after you have had meat check. Rub and smoke hot 275 plus until get get them to an internal of 175. At this point I place them in a hot sauce bath skin down and that goes back on the cooker for an hour. This step gives you bite threw tender skin. After...
  9. jminion

    Free salmon

    Here is a dry brine recipe that has been very good too us for a long time. Cardogs BBQ Salmon Dry Rub1 cup light brown sugar, packed 1 cup non-iodized table salt 3 TBSP granulated garlic 3 TBSP granulated onion1 TBSP dried dill weed 1 TBSP dried savory 2 tsp dried tarragon Mix all ingredients...
  10. jminion

    The Fat Cap Discussion Thread (Applies to Pork too)

    It's funny to see this thread again, I started posting about fat side down brisket cooks back in 1999. At that time I used to get invited around the country to have my butt kick for even talking about it. Times have changed. LOL
  11. jminion

    new kingsford

    I have used it twice now in my Primo ceramic cooker. It worked very well the ash did not cause any problems (briquettes normally can't be used in ceramics). Cooked both low and slow and grilled worked well in both cases. The difference between the competition and Blue bag coals is the...
  12. jminion

    Happy Birthday JMinion

    Who me????? LOL
  13. jminion

    Happy Birthday JMinion

    My birthday is next Friday but no reason to not start early, hope the the tequila supply holds up that long.
  14. jminion

    some good info on the searing subject

    Searing is using the Maillard effect to your advantage. Searing does not seal in juices but does effect flavor to the good. Done at the start or at the end either will work. The moistness of the final product is in direct relation to the finish internal temp you have.
  15. jminion

    Pulled brisket vs. pulled chuck roast

    Fab B is a product sold by The Ingredient Store that puts the sodium phosphates back into meat that are lost to rigor when slaughtered. It does increase the moisture levels of the end product. Not everyone is a fan, I have used it in the past but have switched to using Wagyu or Wagyu/Black Angus...
  16. jminion

    Pulled brisket vs. pulled chuck roast

    What I call dry and you do maybe different but I find a brisket that would be easy to pull will not be as moist as one you would slice. One of the reasons you hear of the use of products like Fab B is to increase moisture level. I find that when cooking Prime briskets if cooked correctly stay...
  17. jminion

    Pulled brisket vs. pulled chuck roast

    When a brisket is cooked to pull it will be dry, and get drier once it is broken into.
  18. jminion

    Food Safety and Low and Slow Discussion

    Short answer: If you have not injected or inserted a thermometer into the brisket (as an example) then you can forgo the internal temp of 140 in 4 hours. If you have injected or are inserting a therm or puncturing the cut in some way then you need to get the cut 140 in 4 hours or less by rule.
  19. jminion

    Smoke ring throughout the meat?

    Smokering is the combination of meat temp, cooking temps and time. It is the nitrates and nitrites in smoke passing over the surface of the meat until it reaches aprox 140 degrees internal, that's the science in a nut shell. The pigment of the meat turns shades of pink because of the process...
  20. jminion

    Can I smoke this?

    A bone in shoulder roast is a butt. Pork sirloin the finish temp is 155 internal. There is little connective tissue and a long slow cook is not needed. Higher pit temps is the way to go. Jim