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  1. smoking falcon

    smoke and beer or beer and a smoke

    I've done a couple batches of beer, but only from the canned extract. Doing my own mash is something that I'd like to get into, but I don't think that I quite have everythind down as smoothly as I would like to before I do anything more complicated. Smoking the grain is something that is...
  2. smoking falcon

    Ohio 'Q'

    Welcome and Hello Rock! Were abouts in OH are you?
  3. smoking falcon


    So I have read a lot of posts recommending smoking meat, wrapping it in foil, then wrapping it in a towel/pillow and stuffing it into a cooler. I think that is an ingenious way to keep meats piping hot for long pereiods of time, but has anyone used a doghouse (food warmer) like catering places...
  4. smoking falcon

    Spaghetti Ice

    OHHHHH! I didn't enlarge those pics before and therefore didn't see that the ice cream was actually in "noodle" form. That is pretty cool! If it weren't for the press question I probably never would have noticed. hmmm, now to find a potato ricer somewhere!
  5. smoking falcon

    Anyone use maple?

    bigmeatsmokin, I've been following the forum for a couple months now and there is still SO MUCH unexplored territory, such a wealth of info. Not to mention that Staying up on all the current posts takes so long, and is many times so interesting that I don't have all that much time to go back...
  6. smoking falcon

    Sticky Wood Topic + Seasoning Wood Question

    have any suggestions for Amateur Radio Groups?
  7. smoking falcon

    Sticky Wood Topic + Seasoning Wood Question

    NB5Z, how are you doing? looks like ther's another "ham" on here, pun intended lol. I wondered if my callsign would attract any attention :) Know of any others up here?
  8. smoking falcon

    Police Brutality... kinda

    Thats actually one of the teepees (we have three) that I helped to set up at the summer youth camp that I work at well, during the summers. It's a smaller one, about a 12-14 foot footprint maybe. I was really thrilled when I found it on the camp's website as a background photo, and as an avatar...
  9. smoking falcon

    Police Brutality... kinda

    So a man is driving his sports car down a residential street, and comes to a four way stop. He slows, looks all directions and comes to a rolling stop (you know, you slow down enough to stop, but not really) because he sees nobody anywhere. As soon as he is through the intersection a police car...
  10. smoking falcon

    Cuban Bread

    mmmm.... I can taste it already!
  11. smoking falcon

    Sticky Wood Topic + Seasoning Wood Question

    oh that... I was just cutting up some leftover ABT's to add to an egg salad sandwhich and I accidentally wiped my eye. :lol: It sure was good, instead of using celery or whatever, I just added the ABT's to the dressing and egg and it was delish!
  12. smoking falcon

    Sticky Wood Topic + Seasoning Wood Question

    So Jeff, since I had an idea that is going to be saving you time and (ahem) money as they say, does that mean that I am eligible for one of your two super secret recipes for oh... a reduced price or even free *wink wink :D
  13. smoking falcon

    Cuban Bread

    oooohhh! :shock: That is excellent! I think that this will definitely be tried tonight, (possibly with your help giving me a baguette vatiation?) I've searched high and low for a truely authentic store bought baguette, and nothing seems to come close to that crispy flaky crust with an oh so...
  14. smoking falcon

    Cuban Bread

    Would anyone mind explaining what is so cuban about this bread, other than it's name? I'm no chef, but it looks like a pretty basic bread recipe to me.
  15. smoking falcon

    Sticky Wood Topic + Seasoning Wood Question

    Excellent, I've been promoted to Sticky Status! BTW, That list is exactly the thing that I was looking for. I actually saw a similar list on the web somewhere else, but of course it didn't get it bookmarked and without a doubt it vanished without a trace. Thanks Dutch!
  16. smoking falcon

    Sticky Wood Topic + Seasoning Wood Question

    y2kpitt, I've been wondering this for a while, but since it's getting close to spring, I thought that I would confirm my previous thoughts so that I could begin procuring some wood from a youth camp that I work at during the summer. Hopefully it won't take much convincing to the director to...
  17. smoking falcon

    Sticky Wood Topic + Seasoning Wood Question

    So after contemplating where this post fit in best I've decided that it probably fits best here. (Moderators, feel free to move it if you want) Being pretty new to the smoking world, and knowing that newbies like me are signing up on this forum all the time, I think that it would be helpful to...
  18. smoking falcon

    Storage Tips?

    This reminds me of the camp that I work at during the summers. It's funny to hear the new kitchen staff proclaim that "just about everything comes out of a bag, even the MEAT!"
  19. smoking falcon

    test of new signature

    Instead of creating a new topic I'll test my signature here too
  20. smoking falcon

    Chipotle Red Bell Pepper Chutney

    so does the small t. = teaspoons or tablespoons? I don't want to sound ignorant, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! I've seen so many different variations for the two measurements that sometimes I have to look twice to be sure i'm not overdoing it. Dennis