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    This Just In...........Again!

    could just as easily be my wife.
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    Today is a good day !!!

    Wow, that is terrific news, congratulations.
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    " Part 2 the cook " Beef Short Ribs Char Siu style ( Chuck short ribs ) " Part 2 added "

    We eat those ribs often, mainly because they cook in a few minutes. BUt I would stand in line for yours. Looks delicious.
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    Beef enchiladas

    I usually add some roasted green chili's and some different crushed red chili powder like chipotle. It will really change the flavor, along with the corn tortillas.
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    Chicken Bog...

    Looks good to me, I'm making a sausage soup tonight as well, swede soup. Wife can't/won't handle the rice se we use rutabaga and turnip. I could certainly eats a few of those elegant bowls of yours.
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    Elk Shepards/Pot Pie

    That looks delicious. We try to eat less potatoes then we used to, yours looks like just the correct amount. I could eat a bunch of that.
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    Costco Pastrami

    No, it wasn't cooked. I couldn't tell from the packaging if it had cure #1 in it. The color seems to look like it, the taste seems like it, but I thought that the gov ref made them have to specify if it had cure?
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    Costco Pastrami

    Well, more just means MORE, no excuses required here.
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    Costco Pastrami

    But buy the bottom round and corn it yourself, that's my next step.
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    Costco Pastrami

    Forgot to mention, it was not a brisket, but was a top round. Sould have mentioned that in the start, sorry.
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    Costco Pastrami

    Once the meat was cut it was a free for all. Both sons were there, and all of the sandwiches were made on a single one sandwich size panini press. We had both kraut and coleslaw with swiss cheese on Jewish rye bread. Next time I will make my own rye bread. Even though I tried to cook of the...
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    Three - 8 - Three, Smoked Potato Balls " Cuban Papas Rellenas "

    Very clever as usual, it's what we expect from you now. I love the idea of eating them with your hands, wifes away beef in other hand and don't even have to lean over the sink.
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    Costco Pastrami

    So, I wanted to try to make pastrami and was in the middle of the process of curing some buckboard bacon. I was at Costco and they had already brined corned beef. I have seen some threads where people soak the store bought corned beef in water to remove the salt so I thought why not give it a...
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    Now. Why in the hell didn't I think of that!!

    Are you trying to pull our leg, no chance of that. Looks like you had an awesome time, but the beer?
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    Throwdown Super Bowl Throwdown!

    Wow, thats a bunch of ribs. Your generosity is outstanding. And yes,.someone is going to be a very happy camper. Can't wait to see the entries. Thanks for your commitment.
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    Blackstone Griddle has arrived!!!

    You can get a cheap aquarium heating pad and some wrap insulation to keep the tank warm in cold weather.
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    Pastrami from store bought corned beef

    @TNJAKE it's supposed to be raining heavy tomorrow, will it hurt anything if I let it sit in the refrigerator for 3 days instead of two? And I really didn't look close enough, actually never thought corned beef would be anything other then brisket, this piece is a round. So I will smoke Tina...
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    Irrigation for raised beds

    For the future, you can run the water hose around the patio. You do not have to dig up the patio.
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    CI Elk Round Steak Medallions Butter Basted Finish With Simple Sides!

    Wow, that looks delicious, all around. Nice.
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    Irrigation for raised beds

    Couple of questions. Are you going to get the water to them via a hose? And does it freeze, will you need to pick it all up every season? I get the water to the beds with underground pvc pipe and then run drip hose in the bed. If it freezes, it would have to be blown out every season. Better...