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  1. meltojanc

    Made my first pizza in four years.

    My husband and I use chopped tomatoes as our pizza sauce, it's enough for a delicious Margarita.
  2. meltojanc

    Deck / Patio Storage

    You can buy a pair of chests to store your pool supplies. Or there is the same kind of lockers. But the thing is, they take up space on the property. There's also the option of storing your pool stuff in the garage if, of course, you have space there. Oh, I've also seen a tricky way on the...
  3. meltojanc

    My garden now that the heat has subsided...

    Zucchinis shouldn't be planted next to other plants of the Pumpkin family, nor should they be grown in the same place several years in a row. Also, don't plant them near bell-shaped flowers with pink color. But after potatoes, beets, cabbage, carrots, onions, or greens. You can plant both seeds...