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    Keep the music playing... What/Who Was Your First Concert ?

    First was Men at Work in 1985, 15 yrs old, opening band was the best. Guy came out in a stetson hat with feathers/tasles hanging, guitar in hand, they put a blue light on his face, and he played like that for 1 hr straight. Blew my mind, found out a little later it was Stevie Ray Vaughn😳😃...
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    Failed-Brisket Chili

    Ya, that was a bit of click bait for sure with the wording. Amazing looking chili and wings. Corey
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    Hello from Alberta Canada!

    Im 5 min from Onoway, on hwy37. Corey
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    Hello from Alberta Canada!

    Welcome from a fellow Albertan, where abouts are you located? Corey
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    Brisket failures

    Biggest reason i find on Brisket is rushing it and going to "temp" not doneness( if thats a word). Probing tender. Its done when its done. Usually there is a house full of people and a brisket that just won't finish. Corey
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    Camp Chef Releasing a new Smoker?

    Man ,that is so many levels of awesome. Very nice
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    Chromoly steel smoker build.

    Ya, oxy/acet is the best, just use a smaller rosebud. You dont have to go red, just take it to straw color, the weld will put the rest of the heat in. Heat a good area around the weld also, then the material won't suck the heat away too fast. Worst case, if you get a crack just grind out the...
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    Camp Chef Releasing a new Smoker?

    Oh boy. I feel my bank account shuddering a bit. 😁
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    Chromoly steel smoker build.

    I build dragsters out of chromoly steel, no need to do anything fancy, just use mild steel welding rod, or wire, 7018 rod or er70s mig wire, er70s2 tig rod.(whatnever process you plan). You may have to post heat your welds to cool them slowly. If they are allowed to cool to fast they can...
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    Gotta go twerk

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    Water Glassing Fresh Eggs

    So, question, when you want to use an egg can you just draw one out of the jar? Or will this contaminate the jar? Say you went in with a pair of tongs? Or do you have to drain and use the whole jar? Corey
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    Is pork safe to eat being wrapped raw?

    Could a person treat it like a brisket and smoke till the stall then wrap in the banana leaves? Or would that not impart the leaves taste due to the shorter time wrapped? I like the idea of the banana leaves,very interesting but as stated, it could almost be oven cooked if its wrapped from the...
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    Back burn through auger tube *Update*

    The first time i noticed it happening I had zero experience with pellet grills so i wasn't really tending it too well, the smoke from the hopper was going for probably 10 or more minutes. By that time the hopper was hot to the touch and really smoking hard, no flames but I'm sure it was not far...
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    Back burn through auger tube *Update*

    I called camp chef when i first had the issue of burnback through my auger and the stack screen was the first thing they mentioned. Mine was plugged 80% or more. Now i look at the screen weekly, i take my grill brush and clean the slots out. Cleaning the slots with my brush caused another issue...
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    Tavern Style Pickled Eggs

    Steaming eggs is the only way to fly. I used to stuggle pealing a boiled egg, tried all the wives tales to make it better. Switched to steaming and the shell almost falls off. Corey
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    trouble posting

    Works fine. Corey
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    Old Bay Sausage

    Thanks, i came across a huge container of Old Bay a while ago, it was cheap. Enough to last a lifetime, now I can get to using it. Corey
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    Holding Brisket

    In my experience, do the brisket as you would the day before, don't slice or anything, leave it whole, refrigerate. For reheat, put the brisket in a pan with drippings saved from the cook or make beef broth, a cupnor so , add it too the pan, cover in foil, then into the oven at 325 ,until your...
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    Smoked Baked Beans Recipe

    So finished supper, the beans were amazing. The verdict, my wife and I both agree that the flavor of the canned pinto beans and the dry navy beans was so close it wasn't worth mentioning. The big difference was the texture, the dry beans you can create any texture you want when boiling them...
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    Smoked Baked Beans Recipe

    Bringing this back for a taste test. The wife found a package of Navy beans last time she went shopping. I soaked them last night and they are simmering now. Making another batch of baked beans for supper. This is a test between canned pinto and dry navy beans from scratch. I can say now the...