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    trouble posting

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    forum trouble

    I can not post or reply. help is needed after, faiilng. several times today, it worked this time. crazy thing still can't reply to posts
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    Ground beef experiment

    Never read about anyone trying this before. Picked up a couple of top round roasts and a pack of maple flavored bacon ends. Cut the round roasts into 1" strips. Mixed in a little over a pound of the bacon in with it and refrigerated overnight. Ground it all together and what a surprise...
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    Reply to posts

    every time I try to reply to a post, I get a big "Oops! We ran into some problems." How do I correct this?
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    New years resolution

    To not drink anymore.....................or less!!
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    Excellent customer service at ThermoPro

    My TP 08 failed about two hours into a butt smoke this morning. The transmitter was flashing all 888's. I called customer service and told them what was going on. He replied the transmitter was bad and would send a new one. After he checked stock, he advised they did not have one in stock...
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    Bookmark issue on new posts

    I can bookmark new posts, but when I come back later, the bookmark returns to the same place, not at the top of the latest posts. Otherwise. the system seems to work well. Good job guys.
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    I received my TP-20 a few days ago and have used it three times now. I am very pleased with it. My smoker is approximately 25 feet from my desk and it has never lost signal. My Mav 732 will not work at the same location. I could not be more pleased with the product. Lamar
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    BBQ pittmasters

    Is this program gone? It is an interesting program and entertaining. Better than most of the other junk that is on TV.
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    Luck at the grocery store

    Hit the meat counter today at the local grocery store. Surprise.....twin packs of Boston Butt on sale for 1. 59 /lb. Needless to say.....I won't need to buy any more soon. Lamar
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    Making ET732 work on my rotisserie Part 2

    In my other post about using the ET732 on my Weber rotisserie, I showed how to mount it. [] Since I wanted to use my 732 to monitor the cooker temps, I had to go one step more. I built this little device similar...
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    Making ET732 work on my rotisserie

    I wanted to monitor the IT of what I have on my rotisserie, so to the shop and a day's work. The shaft on the Weber roto was too short, so I substituted one from a generic roto. Excuse the crappy cell phone pictures. Started with a brass bushing from the hardware store, drilled, tapped...
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    Weber rotisserie update

    Received my new Weber rotisserie ring last week. First time I used it, I noticed it did not sit level in the kettle. Carried it into the shop and placed it on my workbench and discovered the problem. It is nowhere flat. There is a 1/4" gap on the bottom. Turned it upside down and saw the...
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    Christmas came early

    FedEx delivered a new rotisserie ring for my Weber Performer Tuesday. Had to try it out on a pork sirloin roast. Used hickory chunks and got the best pork roast I have ever turned out. MY GOSM is going to take a backseat now.
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    Masterbuilt recall

    Masterbuilt recalls U.S. gas smokers over fire risk [Reuters] ReutersDecember 8, 2016 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Masterbuilt Manufacturing Inc is recalling about 41,000 gas-fired smokers because a fuel hose can disconnect and pose a fire hazard, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said on...
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    Improving indirect cooking on the 22.5 Weber

    I wanted more control doing indirect smoking in my Weber 22.5. I started with the largest cookie pan I could find. Cut the narrow end to the diameter of the grill at the fire grid. Then, bent the other end up 4". The addition was not wide enough to cover the area I wanted. I covered...
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    smoked cashews

    Made a mistake and got unsalted cashews. How to keep salt on them? Took a ziplock bag and put about a cup of the nuts in it. Then, put about a teaspoon of my home brewed maple syrup and rolled them around till all were covered. Placed them on a splatter screen, salted good and finished...
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    I got lucky

    Snooping around on Craig's List today and spotted a Weber in town. Made contact and went to see it. It was in good condition, only needs a new cooking grate (20 bucks) which was rusty. Gas starter works good. Came with the cover and charcoal starter, and two 20 lb...
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    membership count

    Just wondering how many registered members this forum has. Must be a large number.
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    Should have been sugartime. Finally have a little maple sap flowing. Hope it holds out. I try to make 1-2 gallons each winter for some good eatin'. Lamar