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    Salmon Cut Beef

    Hi Guys, I'm aware I haven't been around for a few weeks but I've still been smoking! At the weekend just gone I smoked a 4lb salmon cut piece of beef over whisky oak. It took about 9 hours. I didnt use any heavy rubs, just salt, vegetable stock powder, onion powder, garlic powder and a little...
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    WSM home

    My wsm has a house 😊
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    Topside Smoke Ring on WSM

    Hi Guys, A few weeks ago I smoked a small topside joint ( I think in the US it's called Top Round?) in the WSM. I've read some articles about poor smoke rings in the WSM so wanted to share a photo as I was quite proud... The joint was injected before smoking which kept it moist and was given...
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    So yesterday I started the process of brining a piece of beef silverside (I think top round is the nearest translation for people in the US) in preparation for making some pastrami. It's a 2lb joint so not huge. Into a food grade lidded bucket went the meat and the brine which consisted of...
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    New Smoker from the UK

    Hi all, Im a new member from the U.K. I’ve owned a Weber Smokey Mountain for about 2 months. So far I’ve done 4-5 cooks on it. I’ve cooked chicken breasts, a couple of brisket flats, some beef ribs and a ham joint so far. My most recent purchase was a meat injector. I’m hoping to meet some new...