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    What would you do?

    Dillons had pork butts on sale for a dollar a pound, 2/3rds off so we got 15, between 8 and 10lbs. Im doing 3 Sunday and there will be an abundance of leftovers. Do you smoke a pork butt differently knowing it will be for leftovers only and what do you do different? And what do you make with...
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    First spare ribs

    We are going to my father in laws birthday celebration Sunday and I've been volunteered to take ribs I'm cooking Saturday. I'm new at this, the pellet smoker makes actual smoking pretty easy but dont know what kind of prep work I need to do tomorrow after work. Any suggestions are welcome
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    Chicken cook time?

    I started 2 chickens this morning, 4lb 7.5oz and 4lb 11.5 weights before stuffed and rubbed. One came off an hour ago at 165 and the other doesn't have a gauge out of three that reads over 159 anywhere. Is this normal and can I pull it before 165 safely? The first one was delicious even though...
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    New smoker

    Hello everyone. Just found this place after getting a pit boss vertical smoker a few weeks ago. I have to admit I didn't plan on getting a smoker, my old man would tell me about how he started smoking meat. Wake up at 1am, start the smoker and have to check it every 15 minutes or so while taking...