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    weird smell

    Hey, Im in middle of cook on my offset and the fire has weird smell. Im using mostly oak and little ash and maple. It has like a asphalt smell. What it is? is from wood or cresote build up? Also is it safe to eat?
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    pink salt

    I decided to take a full brisket and put in a brine to make a pastrami. I was following a recipe for the brine and it seem like he was putting a lot of pink salt in. The pink salt bag says 1 tsp for 5lb of meat. Is this for dry brine or even for wet because i put in like 7 tsp for a gallon of...
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    for my wood guys

    Hey, Im back with more wood pics... Just got a delivery of wood and he claims he gave only oak. I no expert but I can see some oak but am stuck on couple of pieces. Any wood experts can tell? Really appreciate any help.
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    bark or no bark

    Hey I have wood that has fungus and maybe some mold. I'm curious can just take the fungus off usually by taking bark off? or is the wood itself the problem? Any help appreciated. Im in NJ and cant seem to find normal wood supplier.
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    Hey fellow NJ smokers, I'm looking for a good wood supplier, I have tried a couple and not impressed. One guy didn't let me see water content the other was expensive but gave a good product. I'm wondering if anyone has a good wood supplier they can share?
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    wood in nj

    Hey everyone from the NJ area. Does anyone have a wood supplier that has oak and cherry. My provider has gone dark and cant get through. really appreciate any help.
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    what type of wood is this

    I had some guy drop wood off and he gave me what he said is apple wood but I dont know if it is. It was yellow and when it sat in sun it turned reddish. Anyone know if it is apple?
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    new member

    Im new to the offset world. I just got the Brazos and i have hard time keeping fire on. my fire spreads to much in the firebox and after couple hours there is not enough to catch the next piece of wood and it never really catches. Im using the charcoal plate that comes with it. Im think i might...