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  1. smokingwxman

    Dumb Brisket Slicing Question

    I haven't cooked a full brisket in quite awhile but I have one ready to go for this weekend. My question is this. Lately I've seen a lot of videos of slicing a brisket directly in half to show how juicy it is in the middle. Wouldn't this cause the brisket to dry out quicker? I've always...
  2. smokingwxman

    Finally a good brisket

    Apologies for terrible pictures but I finally got a good brisket. My last 4 or 5 have just not been where I wanted them to be. Just shy of 11 pounds before trim. Rub was basic salt and pepper with just a little onion and garlic powder. Smoked for just over 4 hours with cherry and hickory...
  3. smokingwxman

    One final smoke for the season?

    Neither me nor my smoker enjoy the cold so I took advantage of a beautiful day Saturday and fired it up. A nice 8 pound pork butt and a St Louis rack of ribs. Smoke went great using a mix of Pecan and Hickory. Sunday was left overs with pulled pork over a baked potato for lunch and pork...
  4. smokingwxman

    Seasoning Brisket overnight

    I am planing on smoking about a 9.5 pound brisket Saturday. My question is, do I season, wrap in plastic wrap and leave in fridge overnight or just trim and apply rub that morning while smoker is warming up? I have heard it both ways. Some say it pulls all the moisture out if you leave it...
  5. smokingwxman

    Kids turning 8, time to fire it up

    What can I say, my soon to be 8 year old daughter LOVES ribs. So this afternoon the pork butt goes on and I’ll be up at 5:30 to throw on three racks of spareribs. Throw on a few sides and we should have a feast. More pics to come(hopefully)
  6. smokingwxman

    One of my best briskets

    Fired up the smoker this past Saturday as I was cooking some pulled pork to have on a camping trip this upcoming Memorial weekend. Local grocery store had brisket on sale the week prior figured might as well. Seasoned with a local meat lockers product known as Oxford Steak Salt then wrapped...
  7. smokingwxman

    Bacon rub ideas

    Just curious as to what you guys like to use for your bacon rubs? I used a store bought bourbon/maple rub for my first and only attempt. It was good but I want to branch out some.
  8. smokingwxman

    Ribs and first attempt at a Tri-Tip

    Finally got some warm weather so decided to cook up an Easter feast. 2 racks of baby backs glazed with strawberry rhubarb jelly and one rack of St Louis style ribs glazed with jalapeno jelly. The ribs were a huge hit especially with my youngest! My uncle in law gave me a tri-tip to try and I...
  9. smokingwxman

    New smoker

    I have a cousin who is wanting to get a pellet smoker. I’ve only used an offset stick burner so thought I’d get some advice here He doesn’t want to drop a ton of money on a trager. He mentioned big horn and pit boss smokers. Also a Jim Bowie green mountain. Does anyone know much about these?
  10. smokingwxman

    First Time Brisket Flat Success

    I have had very limited luck with doing whole packers so decided to try my hand at just doing a couple of small 3 pound flats. Rubbed them down with a salt/pepper/brown sugar/onion powder/paprika rub Saturday night. Come Sunday morning I fired up the smoker and got it to hold around 225° and...
  11. smokingwxman

    Brisket Flat Question

    So I bought a couple of small brisket flats, about 3 pounds a piece. Planning on smoking them this Sunday but am really not sure what to expect time wise. Figured since they were so small they shouldn't take too long but being a brisket, I'm very unsure and want to allow plenty of time. Any...
  12. smokingwxman

    A little Sunday smoke

    Finally got a decent day here in the central plains(why won’t winter end?) so took advantage of it. A little pulled pork, local grocery store had pork butts $1.38 a pound. Some jalapeño poppers and cheesy hash browns. For once, things got done right when I expected them to. Oh and cooked some...
  13. smokingwxman

    Some saturday brisket

    Continuing my quest towards a perfect brisket.  Brisket was a little under 9 pounds after trimming.  Used a store bought rub that I was a little unsure of, I was afraid it would overpower the meat.  In hindsight, probably should have been a bit more generous with the rub.  On the smoker at 6:30...
  14. smokingwxman

    Brisket Rub Advice

    I'm gearing up to handle a 9 pound brisket Saturday morning.  Really trying to get a handle on briskets.  My last couple have been good but not great.  I recently returned from a trip to KC where I found a BBQ store.  It was amazing, I could have spent hours in there.  Well I decide on a whim...
  15. smokingwxman

    Turning Brisket

    My last couple of briskets I've noticed that my IT seems to vary from side to side of the brisket.  This has led me to my briskets being a bit drier than I'd like because I've been waiting on one side that needs to "come up to temp" and isn't quite probe tender.  Just was curious as to if anyone...
  16. smokingwxman

    Nice quick meatloaf last weekend

    Forgot to post pictures.   Just wanted to do a nice simple smoke, one that wouldn't require me waking up at 4 AM on a Saturday.  Went with a basic meatloaf recipe and some cheesy potatoes.  Add some sweet corn and you got one fine meal.
  17. smokingwxman

    Who all has smoking plans this weekend? I do! I do!

    With the fourth being on a Tuesday(yuck) and since I have to work anyways we are having a bunch of people over this weekend which means it is time for me to break out the smoker again.   Planning on a couple of pork butts, about 3 racks of ribs, probably some jalapeno poppers(pretty much a...
  18. smokingwxman

    Fastest brisket in the west?

    Hadn't had a chance to smoke anything in a long time. The fever finally took over and with a break in the hectic summer schedule threw on a brisket and some stuffed porkloins.   The brisket is a mystery to me.  Woke up 3:30 and had the just under 9 pound brisket on by 4:30.  Using mix of...
  19. smokingwxman

    Fingers crossed on a brisket

    Have friends from Carolina set to fly in this afternoon and arrive this evening.  Had a brisket in the freezer so said why not.  After trimming was close to nine pounds.  Up at 3:30 and had the brisket on by 4:30.  This is where it gets interesting. Smoker ran fairly constant at around 245.  At...
  20. smokingwxman

    That smoky feeling

    I'll be honest, I haven't done a smoke in way too long!  Not a big fan of smoking in the cold but once weather finally warmed up, man things get busy fast.  With that said, We have friends flying in for the weekend and I've got a brisket that is just dying to be smoked.  Plan on doing a stuffed...