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  1. mohntr

    looking for members

    Hello everyone, I remember a couple guys that were regulars here.... at least in the sausage forum. I was wondering if anyone knew where they are or where they went? Looking for dacdots and Larry Maddock. Thanks for any info you can offer.
  2. mohntr

    Old fridge for smoker

    On Edit: I could deliver locally if I had help loading it. Hey everyone, we have an old metal fridge that would probably make a great smoker. If anyone wants it, just let me know and come pick it up. I'm in Pacific MO. Just off I-44. I could take some pics if anyone is intersted. I thought...
  3. mohntr

    Time on the posts

    Is it me or is the time way off when making a post? Several hours... Maybe it's where the server is located. Just wondering. *********on edit********* it's off 6 hours and I'm located in Central time zone.
  4. mohntr

    Enterprise vertical stuffer

    I recently bought a 6 quart vertical stuffer. (12lb) - I have the small plate that doesn't press sausage very well. The meat passes around the edges of the plate to fast. I am going to cut a plastic disk from a $2.00 cutting board as soon as I figure out the best way to make the cut. This...
  5. mohntr

    Home flavored chips

    Just for fun I took a handful of plain tortilla chips, put them in a ziplock bag with a couple teaspoons of Emeril's essence and shook them together. This really gave the chips great flavor. Wife tried it again adding some popcorn salt and essence, they tasted like doritos. Sounds funny but...
  6. mohntr

    Smoked turkey spam!

    Yesterday I smoked a couple yard birds, threw on a can of turkey spam @ 220 for about 1.5 hours. I wasn't sure what to expect. WOW! It was great. I'm not a big spam fan either. We sliced it up and ate it with a spicy horseradish cheese. Wife loved it too! Darn! Should have smoked the...
  7. mohntr

    Pork Fat

    When a recipe calls for 7 lbs lean pork and 1.5 lbs of pork fat or suet are they talking about trimmed fat? I think of suet being in my bird feeder which is like lard? I often make sausage from a butt, shoulder or even pork steaks and the final product could have used more fat. Can I buy...
  8. mohntr

    Table salt in sausage recipes.

    I've read where you shouldn't use iodized salt. I've read it changes the taste of the sausage and leaves a bitter after taste. Table salt is all I've ever used so I don't know. If a recipe calls for salt, are they normally talking about non-iodized? More salt questions - are pickeling...
  9. mohntr

    Sausage recipes galore .... and more!!

    There are gobs of sausage recipes along with lots of other info!!!
  10. mohntr

    Cook's Thesaurus: Sausage

    Found this will doing some surfing. Thought I should share!
  11. mohntr

    Smoking Bologna

    Here is a link to smoking bologna. It is something I never would have thought of. It's part way down the page. There is some other interesting stuff there too. I hope it's okay to post a link here.
  12. mohntr

    Wine in sausage

    I've been looking at a lot of recipes for sausage and have noticed many call for a red wine, and a few white wine or beer. I have never added any of them. Do you use wine in your sausage making?
  13. mohntr

    Log in

    Something changed, don't know if it's on the forum or my computer but I have to log in every visit I make here. My cookies are still on. Anyone else having this trouble?
  14. mohntr

    Taylor Digital

    I was smoking summer sausage today and noticed the temp was not changing on the display very often. It would never count up by just 1 degreee, usually 2 at a time. Today it was going in 4 deg increments. I remembered reading that moisture at the little plug would throw the readings off so...
  15. mohntr

    Beef Summer Sausage

    I made my first batch of summer sausage yesterday and today. I used a 74/26 ground chuck mix. (no pork) I made it with a purchased seasoning/cure mix. I did add a little cayanne pepper. Anyway, I mixed and stuffed it into collogen casings yesterday the refridgerated overnight. \ I put it...
  16. mohntr

    Grinding Sausage Twice

    I have a small "Rival" (I think) grinder. It only has two disks, coarse and fine. I am having trouble grinding anything the second time. I even tried using the coarse disk for both grinds. I can't get the meat pushed into the grinder. We were filling brat casings and it would get very hard...
  17. mohntr

    Beef vs Deer

    Do you use the same seasoning for deer as you use for beef? I know deer is much stronger in flavor and was wondering if it would require a stronger seasoning mix or marinade? Thanks. MoHntr
  18. mohntr

    Venison Summer Sausage

    I am going to try a recipe from a friend of mine. The sausge will be 50/50 deer/pork. He said I should trim most of the fat from the pork butt or shoulder. After seasoning is added the meat is ground then stuffed into collogen 2lb casings. Left in fridge overnight then smoked at 150 f for...
  19. mohntr

    1st Clucker in my homemade smoker!!

    Here it is... I'm not very good at photography - Bird was GREAT! Here is a pic of my homemade smoker. I use part of my turkey fryer for heat, and a dutch oven bottom for wood.
  20. mohntr

    Hello everyone.

    Hello smokers, I am fairly new to the smokin' game. An associate from work was telling me how his family gets together around the 1st of the year to make venison sausage. 500-600 pounds normally. I asked what type of smoker they used and he told me "homemade". Well long story short, I built...