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  1. culpepersmoke

    Friday Tacos

    Made a quick and easy tacos with some left over smoked chuckie. Started off with some shredded chuckie, about a cup of beef stock, petite tomatoes, about 2 teaspoons of cumin and chili powder. Let that simmer down till liquid about gone. Served it up with some onions, lettuce, sour cream, a...
  2. culpepersmoke

    Things I learned this weekend

    Saturday was clean out the freezer day. I had 4 chickens, 1 Chuckie, 1 pork butt, 3 racks of baby backs and one 3 bone rack of plate ribs. Now I understand the Unwritten rule that without pics it didn’t happen but …. A couple of things I learned was even though I can easily fit all that into...
  3. culpepersmoke

    Canada Goose breast

    So yesterday was opening day for goose here in Michigan. A friend called and said he’s bringing over some goose breast for me to smoke this weekend. Having never done a goose breast I started searching. It seems they are either done medium (140ish) or well (170 internal). I was going to do them...
  4. culpepersmoke

    Beef bombs or pasties

    Our quick Sunday dinner. My has named them beef bombs. Sweated down some chopped cabbage and onions with a little au jus. Mixed in some chopped up smoked chuckie into a puff pastry Baked up about 20 minutes Served up with some loaded sautéed pierogies and some Au Jus on the side. Thanks...
  5. culpepersmoke

    Pork Chops.

    I have a couple pork chops in the SV pot going but we have to leave and won’t be able to enjoy them tonight. I’m thinking I’ll pull them out at the normal time and leave them in the pouch, let them cool and toss them in the fridge. Tomorrow pull them out and put them back in the SV only to warm...
  6. culpepersmoke

    Todays smoke pork butt and chuckies

    My wife and I like to keep some smoked meat in the freezer. The other day while taking inventory of the chest freezer I noticed that we were out of pork and only one small package of brisket. So today is a pork butt and chuckie day. pork butt rubbed and ready Chuck roast rubbed and ready TBS...
  7. culpepersmoke


    I have a couple Walleye filets to cook up tonight. I’m thinking I want to try this Weber garlic and jalapeño rub on them. I can’t decide whether to do them on the Weber grill or the griddle. I’m thinking of putting them skin side down on the griddle might be the ticket. I’ve done fish on the...
  8. culpepersmoke

    Pork Steaks

    My wife is a St Louis gal so when I asked her what she wanted for Memorial Day she said pork steaks. Who was I to say no. 😁 Started off with a good coating of kosher salt and then back in the fridge for about a four o hour nap. Brought them out, gave them a quick rinse, dry them off with a paper...
  9. culpepersmoke

    Today’s smoke

    We’re out of smoked meats in the freezer and Michigan gave us a day slightly above freezing so I rolled out the smoker. Chicken - brined overnight straight onto the smoker. Normally I let them sit another day in the fridge but this was a bit of a last minute thing plus I plan to pull it all and...
  10. culpepersmoke

    Pre Season for SV Later

    I was pulling a pork tenderloin out of the freezer today to SV tonight. I was thinking next time I could pre season the meat and put in the food saver bags and freeze. That way I could just plop them in the SV cooker and go verses thawing, taking out of a food saver bag and seasoning then put it...
  11. culpepersmoke

    Guess who isn’t smoking for Super Bowl

    Woke up to 0 degrees and a cold snow filled wind off the lake. I think I’ll try some Sous Vide Fried Chicken instead. 😁
  12. culpepersmoke

    Parts is Parts

    We were at our local grocer today and when looking for chicken livers. Saw this and it just made us laugh.
  13. culpepersmoke

    SV Beef Tenderloin with wood char

    My wife got me a SV Cooker for Christmas and I've been playing around with since. Last night I cooked up some beef tenderloin I had in the freezer. Normally I like to do tenderloins in the smoker and reverse sear on the grill but it was about 10 degrees outside here in N. Michigan and this old...
  14. culpepersmoke

    Another Brisket idea

    I picked up a Prime Brisket from Costco and am planning on inviting the family over for brisket dinner. Last time I did this I got up a 3:00AM and got the fire started, prepped the brisket to ensure that it was done for that evening 5 – 6ish. Like many of you have said on here, by the time the...
  15. culpepersmoke

    Seeking advice on my plan

    Nephew is getting married and in lieu of a traditional bride’s wedding shower they have opted for a family/friend’s BBQ party. I’ve been asked to cook the meats. I’m still waiting for a head count but we anticipate it to be around 160. We have agreed just to do pulled Chicken and Pork. The most...
  16. culpepersmoke

    Ribs and Ruuners

    Tomorrow I’m cooking Baby Backs and Runners (chicken quarters) for about 25 people. I’m trying to figure out how many racks and how many runners to cook up. I’m also doing a double batch of Dutchs wicked baked beans And folks will be bringing some salads and deserts. what’s your thoughts. Thanks
  17. culpepersmoke

    Plate Ribs

    Picked up some beef plate ribs from Costco. Never cooked these before. Very rich and just melted in your mouth. For a base I used franks hot sauce instead of oil or mustard. Then kosher salt and coarse ground pepper ( about two parts pepper to one salt). Spritzed through out the cook with GFS au...
  18. culpepersmoke

    Burger season is getting here again

    I've always cooked burgers to 155 - 160 degrees internal. My wife prefers them to be thick and medium rare around 135-140 which I've always considered unsafe. She will point out all the cooking shows on the food network (DDD, GGG and chopped) where they are serving clearly mid rare burgers with...
  19. culpepersmoke

    Tri Tip Help

    Normally when I do a Tri Tip (which isn't that often) I trim all the fat off it, Kosher salt and pepper then either reverse sear or smoke it until it hits about 125 degrees. Pull it, rest it and slice it. This weekend my brother in law would like me to cook him 6 or 7 Tri Tips but he wants the...
  20. culpepersmoke

    It was tough to decide but...

    Saturday I picked up my new HBT Deluxe. Yesterday I had some time to build a fire in it. It seems to draw nice, seems to maintain temps well. I have absolutely no complaints on the fit and finish. This was a tough decision for me as I was ordering a smoker that I've never laid eyes on. So far...