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  1. mohntr

    Newbie from Virginia

    Welcome, great group of people here willing to share knowledge.
  2. mohntr

    Baby memory of Curt...

    SMOKE FREAK I am truely sorry for your loss. I too have lost a couple brothers and my parents. It's amazing to me how after a little time passes you will all of a sudden get a warm feeling and grin across your face.... just from a great memory that passed quickly through your mind. Sometimes...
  3. mohntr

    SMF information

    Thank you for all you have done!!!
  4. mohntr

    How About A Prayer For A Brother And His Wife?

    Prayers from Missouri for them and their loved ones... God Speed!
  5. mohntr

    88's Plywood Smoker

    Hey 88.... looks great. Very similar to mine. Just wanted to mention that I switched my door latches to window sash latches. I picked up a few at a yard sale for .50 each. I like them because they actually push the door closed tight. I like your vents, I'm going to have to add them to...
  6. mohntr

    looking for members

    MossyMo I did send Larry a PM several weeks ago but never received a reply. I can't find any recent post by either one.
  7. mohntr

    looking for members

    Hello everyone, I remember a couple guys that were regulars here.... at least in the sausage forum. I was wondering if anyone knew where they are or where they went? Looking for dacdots and Larry Maddock. Thanks for any info you can offer.
  8. mohntr

    Old fridge for smoker

    Bumping this to the top. I hate to throw it away.
  9. mohntr

    Old fridge for smoker

    On Edit: I could deliver locally if I had help loading it. Hey everyone, we have an old metal fridge that would probably make a great smoker. If anyone wants it, just let me know and come pick it up. I'm in Pacific MO. Just off I-44. I could take some pics if anyone is intersted. I thought...
  10. mohntr

    1st Annual Gathering Announcement

    I'm going to start packing my bags!!! Bet is will be great!
  11. mohntr

    Sausage Making

    Nice work goat! I've used several of them, never thought about buying one and converting it like you have. Very good idea. Once you get water you may NEVER have to come out..... except to buy more meat! :) Thanks!
  12. mohntr

    Time on the posts

    Okay, I figured out what was wrong. I just needed to change the settings in my CP.
  13. mohntr

    Time on the posts

    Is it me or is the time way off when making a post? Several hours... Maybe it's where the server is located. Just wondering. *********on edit********* it's off 6 hours and I'm located in Central time zone.
  14. mohntr

    Andouille Sausage

    Hmmm zebra links! :)
  15. mohntr

    Andouille Sausage

    If I use the hog casing, is it safe to hang them on a rod or should I lay them on a rack to smoke them?
  16. mohntr

    Sausage stuffing 101

    I have a lem #32 manual grinder. I remove both the plate and knife to stuff with it. Works much better when just stuffing. I don't have a star adapter or anything else to use in its place. You can hear the worm gear rubbing on the bottom of the grinder but it don't hurt anything. The...
  17. mohntr

    Enterprise vertical stuffer

    Debi the guy from work was going to measure it with a dial indicater. He called me this morning to let me know the belt on his lathe broke last night so he won't get the disc cut until monday. :( I hope I don't have withdrawles this weekend from not making sausage! Do they make a patch for...
  18. mohntr

    Sausage Making

    Yes, a sea/land container. We use them all the time for secure strorage on some jobsites. They are very well built and tough as all get out! Thanks for the info.
  19. mohntr


    WOW! Thank you everyone! I bow to honor those who nominated and accepted me! WHooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!!! MoHntr: OTBS #058
  20. mohntr

    Enterprise vertical stuffer

    DeejayDebi I cut one with a jigsaw but it wasn't tight enough. I thought since the press is bored, I could get a perfect circle cut for a better fit. Shortone I can't get a perfect measurement with a steel tape because the top of the cylinder is chamfered. The best I can tell is it is between...