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  1. dave from mesa

    Too Hot during the day. Cold smoke at night?

    Temps here are in the mid 80's during the day (yeah I know I'm sorry for the ppl in the low teens.) It get down from the high 50's to the low 50's at night. Was thinking of cold smoking my bacon at night. Anything I should be careful of? I figure that cured pork will still be good for the few...
  2. dave from mesa

    Diff between Pink Salt and Tender Quick?

    I see both talked about here. I bought, what I think is pink salt, at my butcher. What's the difference? Are the percentages used the same?  Now math is not my best subject so ppm mean nothing to me. Percentages I can work with. thanks
  3. dave from mesa

    What happened here??

    Did a dry rub. Used proportions according to the Universal Cure Calculator. Pink salt, brown sugar, salt. Cured it for 8 days flipping and massaging it every day. Belly looks like it didn't cure in the middle.  Meat weighed 20.3 oz   575.51 grams pink salt 1.44 grams salt 10.16 g brown...
  4. dave from mesa

    First Cold smoke

    Well decided to give cold smoking bacon a try. Did Pop's brine, let it rest out of brine in refer 6 days, smoked it with Hickory for 12 hr over 2 days. All in all it came out pretty good. A touch too salty, didn't notice it on the test fry, but fixable. Decided to throw a couple of small...
  5. dave from mesa

    Cold smoke over a number of days. WHY??

    What is the reason for smoking belly for 5-6 hrs per day for 3-4 days?  Fist time making bacon and I would like to try cold smoking. Have looked at many ways to smoke, Bear's way and cold smoke. Have decide on cold. Numerous threads talk about adding smoke for 5-6 hrs over 3-4 days. What is...
  6. dave from mesa

    Well Doesn't That Suck

    Guess it was a little windy last night. Guess I should have locked the wheels. Hope there is no damage. Must have moved 10' till it hit the dirt. Oh well!
  7. dave from mesa

    Making Pastrami Question?

    Going to try making some Pastrami. Gonna buy a Corned Beef flat. Questions are: What temp do I smoke it to? Have seen 155-160 and 195-200. That's a big difference. I would like it to be able to slice it to make Pastrami sandwiches. What do you recommend for smoke? Have an AMNPS and a number...
  8. dave from mesa

    Find Me this T-Shirt, plz

    Saw this I think on Facebook. Friend wants to know where he can get one but I can't find my like on Facebook. Anyone know where I can get it? thanks dave
  9. dave from mesa

    White Smoke? What the Heck is White Smoke?

    Got around to making my first bacon. Did Pop's brine. Did a mailbox mod and used the AMNPS with hickory pellets. Drilled two 3/4" holes in the mailbox front. Cold smoked for about 10-11 hrs and then put it in a ziplock bag and put it in the refer. Next day went out and looked at it and smelled...
  10. dave from mesa

    New to makin bacon and have lots of questions

    Not sure this is in the right area as there is a "bacon" and a "smoking Bacon" forum here. Not sure why. If it needs to be move Mods plz do. OK Never smoked bacon before. Been reading all the posts and am getting more and more confused. Would like bacon like you buy from the store but better...
  11. dave from mesa

    Thank You MBTechguy From Masterbuilt

    Wanna send out a thank you to Masterbuilt and especially MBTechguy. Sent me the parts I needed to fix my MES Working fine now. Great customer service thanks again dave
  12. dave from mesa

    Mes Gen 1/Gen 2

    How do I tell the diff? I see some on sale now that look the same as mine (Gen 1 I think) with the controller in the back. Thought the Gen 2 have the controller built in on the front. How do I tell the diff? Example:     Gen1/Gen2 or no Gen? Controller is in the same place as mine. Gen1 or...
  13. dave from mesa

    Brined and Grilled Shrimp

    Saw this on another forum and just had to try it. Someone else's idea my execution. I think the best shrimp I have ever made. Next time gonna try them on the smoker. Had friends over and they had to get the recipe. Will do shrimp this way from now on. Brine: •2 cups water •1/4 cup Kosher...
  14. dave from mesa

    Broken MES Wires Missing Plugs

    Long story short live in AZ and had a nasty monsoon season. We were gone on a motor home trip for 3 months. Came back home and this is what I found. It was covered but the cover was in the yard and the plugs are nowhere to be found. Anyone know where I can find these kind of plugs or some kind...
  15. dave from mesa

    Minutes per pound for Prime rib.

    I know cook it till it's done. Works for me on pork but want MR prime rib. Posting a link to another thread is ok. Not sure if it will be rib on or off yet. Going to get it today. Going to smoke it at 225 then finish at 500 for a crust. Also any idea how many lbs to get for 10 ppl? I'm...
  16. dave from mesa

    Another Pulled Pork Thread

    I know there have been lots of these lately so if no one comments I know why. Wifes 65th B-Day party on Sun and she wanted PP. Decided to cook 2 8.5 lb pork butts on Sat to make sure everything was done. Good thing as we would have been eating on Mon. Put my rub on the day before the smoke...
  17. dave from mesa

    Pulled Pork eat today or better the next day?

    Going to be using 2 butts for wifes b-day party. In order to have food for everyone on time am thinking of cooking the day before and reheating it. This way I don't have to be up a 3:00 am to start it but will if I have to. So: Is PP better the day it's cooked or the next or does it matter...
  18. dave from mesa

    Injecting Pork Butt the night before the Smoke.

    Am thinking of injecting and putting rub on the night before smoking 2 pork butts for pulled pork. As long as everything is cold before injecting and they are put in the refer is there a problem? I could inject and put the rub on just before they go into the smoker but I would like to have the...
  19. dave from mesa

    Pulled Pork for 40 ppl

    Wife's 65th B-day i a couple of weeks. We are going to have about 40 ppl over. Going to smoke some pork butt for pulled pork. Have no idea how much pork butts to cook. I know you lose about 30-40% so how many pounds should I start with. Another thing is I am thinking of injecting it. Not sure...
  20. dave from mesa

    Dino Bones

    I know everybody is making them recently. Well that got my lazy butt to take out the two ribs I have and get them ready for smoking. This is what I am starting with . Two bone from a rack that I got from Sam's Club. Cut the rest of them into standard short ribs. Have the ruler there as they...