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  1. stovebolt

    Not getting updates

      I have not gotten my email updates from the forum since 8-4-14. Can anyone find out why? I had made no changes that I am aware of. Chuck
  2. stovebolt

    Looking for a sauce recipe

      I have tried to find a certain recipe for a long time with no luck and thought I might ask here since there are so many foodies on this forum.  I used to love to eat a dish at Applebee's called "Pepper-char Steak". It was a chunk of sirloin and it was served with a kind of brownish-grey...
  3. stovebolt

    A 5.5# butt on MES40 Sunday

     The wife picked up a small butt at the store so I figured it was time for some pulled pork. I rubbed it with a combination of T.C.'s Creole seasoning, Head Country and brown sugar.  Into the smoker with hickory in the AMNPS @ 230. It took about 6 hrs to hit 165 I.T. Plopped it in the pan...
  4. stovebolt

    Mes mod. for hot-spot

     I had an idea while playing with my MES40 a while back. I had been wondering about the temperature difference between the display and a good digital therm placed very near where the internal probe is.  I thought that maybe all the heat coming up the back wall which creates the notorious...
  5. stovebolt

    Got a new MES 40 ss w/ window

     Daughter and Son-in-law bought me a new MES 40 for Christmas. Had a couple of small issues during set-up. Wire bracket that holds cooking racks had broken weld. Screws stripped on clip that holds grease pan. Nothing major. So on with the seasoning and then some cooking. I have been having...
  6. stovebolt

    I guess I'm not smart enough

    Actually it goes to hell when I hit "enter" Is there a way back from this because I keep hitting enter by reflex. I have wasted way too much time trying to post with no luck, and it's not my first post. Everything goes well until I add a picture. Then the picture jumps up to the top of the...
  7. stovebolt

    Hello from S W Missouri

    I finally decided to post after lurking for some time. I am going to try to include some pictures so I hope it was worth the time and effort since I have "dial-up" internet.  I retired as a motorcycle mechanic and I have been smoking meat for several years. I have learned a lot of great...