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    French's or Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce ??

    I would highly doubt you can tell the difference in jerky. Especially if you throw is soy, pepper and any other ingredients.
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    First beef brisket

    If it gets done on Friday (anywhere from 195-205+) you will not need to reheat it to 205 on Saturday to serve. With that time frame, after its probes tender keep it wrapped in a cooler, low oven, roaster etc at around 150 until lunch.
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    Meater probes....... Sorry to say but I would stay far far away from them..... I've only used mine twice but so far I really like it. Bought it for my rotisserie.
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    Cheddar Apple Sticks

    Have not tried it. Caramel/Whipped Cream/Ice Cream would be more my style. The story of apple pie and cheddar goes back centuries. In fact, you can find mentions of apple pies adorned with cheddar cheese dating back to 17th century England! There are several ideas for how this delicious, yet...
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    Great news from my cardiologist.

    Certainly a reason to celebrate. Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    MB Electric and salmon

    Look around here for the "mailbox mod". Or you can try a pellet tube or tray. I do think Bradley makes a great smoker, but the pucks are pricey. You can make the MB work for your needs.
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    Summer sausage cheese

    I found this thread very interesting:
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    Snack Stick Smoking Question

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    Dehydrator or RT

    I always like a some smoke. I do not have a dehydrator anymore but maybe 2 hrs on the smoker then into the house for easy drying? May be worth a shot.
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    Social Security You tell me how long you're gonna live and we can get it figured out:) Also depends on age of spouse and earnings. Benefits go up 8% a year past FRA until 70. That is a pretty good return. But, if you can retire at 62 and do what you...
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    Do I need to brine a frozen turkey that contains a brine solution I have used trash bags in the past, especially for deer. Now I would only use food safe plastic bags.
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    Converting Weber Kettle 22 to WSM with an extension?

    That ring is similar to a Vortex. Search around here and there are plenty who have one and use it for various things. For cold smoking I use a second rack on my Weber and then a pellet tray in the bottom. I do have a rotisserie ring but have not needed it for the extra room.
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    Organizing BBQ accessories

    Good question. I store the stuff ALL over my house. In one area would be a plus.
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    Brer Rabbit Molasses Gone???

    I believe I found it at Hy-Vee and another local grocer here in Nebraska. It is strange that the national grocers and even the company website didn't have any avail.
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    Jack Links jerky

    Knob is usually in the $30-40 range around here. I like the Rye a lot. If you have some time drive down to Hatteras. The lighthouse is cool, but also the drive over Oregon Inlet, Bodie Lighthouse and Rodanthe area. Ocean on one side, sound on the other. Way less people down that way...
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    Jack Links jerky

    Hopefully you also went to Brew-Thru and stopped at an ABC store. Good prices on Bourbon.
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    These winds though.

    Those are huge waves. OBX is one of our favorite places. Hope you are still able to enjoy your trip.
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    Game meats

    Here is part of the Forum dedicated to wild game.
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    40% off INKBIRD vacuum sealer for few quotas!!

    Yes please! Thanks