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  1. skully

    Fresh Orange Ginger Sausage!

    did a batch of fresh sausage at my brothers earlier today.  20lb test run to see how this combo is gonna work out and i have to say, on the fry try, its delicious.  have to admit, the seasoning mix he got from a new employee of his that blended it up for a batch of 20lbs but he does have the...
  2. skully

    honey/garlic sausage recipes???

    hi y'all, i did do a search for fresh honey/garlic sausage and came up empty.  does anyone know of any good pork based honey garlic recipes that they'd care to share???  im interested in what % of honey /pound/kg.  thanks to all for sharing
  3. skully

    Update: (pics)....batch is in the smoker....

    O.K Y'all, into the smoker and the smokin begins......Merry Christmas to All...Matt
  4. skully

    Update....36LBS(pics) gittin ready to go tomorrow....its sausage time

    O.k Y'all, like I said, its sausage time.....spent the whole summer and fall making fresh but now goin hekk bound for cured.  Hit My Buddy today for 2 nice shoulders, nicely ground and the blend begins.  Lettin everyone in the pool get happy overnight and stuffin tomorrow.  Have a look if You...
  5. skully

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy gobble gobble to All U Guys and Gals........peace
  6. skully

    Update of the 44lb

    Well Y'all, they've been smoked and have been hanging since, still a little soft, should be ready to go in a couple of is great for sausage
  7. skully

    A 44lb load in for a

    After taking out a previous batch of sausage, threw this 44lb batch in, these fellas are hotter than the usual, will let You know how they come out, as usual, cherry wood only...
  8. skully

    Small 22lbs load done......with pics

    Well Ya'll just smoked off this little load, smell good and feel good, We'll see in a couple of weeks.....more pics to come.
  9. skully

    Sawdust/wood flour in a pellet grill?????

    Has Anyone ever used sawdust/wood flour in there pellet grills???  I was thinking about adding some flour to the pellet hopper for more smoke or can flour/dust be solely run with out pellets, thanks for any info....peace
  10. skully

    UPDATE: My load all smoked

    Here they are Ya'll, all smoked and awaiting a good drying, color is good but this batches smell is awesome, the coil in the far left broke on Me so a I got a "money" shot but it doesnt do them justice, will update when I git them all done....peace
  11. skully

    Newest bellies out of smoker

    A pic of Me fresh bellies I took out today for drying, these 2 have the skins on, I normally like skinless, My preference, was in a rush cause of loins I had waiting else I would of removed the skins, but they look good, 9 day cure seems was right on the money, good smoke color and smell also, I...
  12. skully

    New batch of sausage ready for

    Just finished smokin up some bellies and loins and puttin these puppies in for a smoke, bout 27lbs worth.  Tryin out a new spice blend that I never used before, a modified version of what We normally use, will post finished pics when they done....peace
  13. skully

    Update on My new bellies and loins.....with pics

    Hey Ya'll, just took out Me done bellies and loins, a link to how they looked before goin in is here, Now all they need is a good month of hangin and they good to go, did try a piece of the loin with My Cuz and it was good but still young, nine day cure for both bellies/loins, good timing, will...
  14. skully

    Smoked belly......pic

    This is a pic of what My belly/bellies look like, dry cured then smoked....peace.
  15. skully

    1 belly out and 2 goin in with loins......with pics

    Hey Y'all, actually 2 bellies comin out of the smoker, got pic of one cause My camera showed up after I already took 1 out.  2 new bellies goin in with 2 loins that I cut in half, easier to handle, what Y'all think, smoker stoked and gonna run a good part of the night.  At least I have somethin...
  16. skully

    Lamb shoulder hangin out with a belly...with pics

    Here's a pic of My lamb shoulder hangin out with a slab of belly, its delicious!!!!!  Homemade rub, 24 hours and a smoker........priceless.  S
  17. skully

    Butts and ribs.....with pics

    Howdy All, here are a couple of pics of My fresh batch of ribs about to join My butts for a smoke session, the butts are gonna stay for a last smoke with the first smoke being for the ribs.  Up next are slabs of bacon and whole loins that are under cure that will be goin in for a smokin...
  18. skully

    Hello to Everyone.........

    After a short period of time being a guest, I finally signed up to what I believe is an excellent forum, great people and info.  Look forward to reading/replying to many threads and posts if I can, keep up the great work, peace out,,,,,,,,,S